apartment in El Born

Discovering El Born: a bohemian and unique neighbourhood

There are plenty of reasons to visit Mediterranean coast. This area has some great cities such as Barcelona, Valencia or Alicante and we find astonishing landscapes there: beaches with white sand and crystalline waters, charming medieval villages with castles, walls and amazing bridges and a delicious and healthy gastronomy based on olive oil are some of the most known distinguishing marks of Mediterranean coast.

Barcelona is not an exception. This great city has different beaches, a great gastronomy and the charm of small villages all around its varied neighbourhoods. El Raval, Gothic Quarter or Eixample are good examples of the different environments and styles we find along the city.

Today we will talk about El Born, a truly special neighbourhood of Barcelona where we find some important cultural building such as Palau de la Música Catalana (Barcelona’s main concert hall) or the famous museum of the fantastic painter Pablo Picasso in Barcelona. Continue reading Discovering El Born: a bohemian and unique neighbourhood

music festivals in Barcelona

Next music festivals in Barcelona

Summer is an incredible time to visit Barcelona. The Catalan capital has a wonderful Mediterranean weather that invites to walk along the streets, take a sit in a terrace to enjoy some tapas and beer or taking a bath in some of the multiple beaches of Barcelona.

But there is also another incomparable experience to live in Barcelona in summer: music festivals!

This way, tour trip to the Condal city will be not only a touristic experience, but also a musical and party one. You will visit an incredible city, and at the same time, you will enjoy concerts of your favourite groups, singers, DJs and so on.

Let’s discover some of the amazing music festivals in Barcelona. Continue reading Next music festivals in Barcelona

gastronomy in Barcelona

Best summer gastronomy in Barcelona

Barcelona is a wonderful city. In fact, millions of tourists travel to the Catalan capital every year to discover the charm of this amazing Mediterranean city where we find a wide range of different environments depending on the specific area we visit.

In Barcelona, we find some of the most astonishing pieces of modernistic architecture such as Sagrada Familia, Güell Park, Casa Batlló, Casa Milà (all of them designed by the well-known Catalan genius Antoni Gaudí), Palau de la Música or Casa Amatller.

Additionally, there are several touristic attractions like Montjuïc, Tibidabo hill or Barceloneta beach, where we can enjoy beautiful views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

But there is also another essential point when visiting a foreign country: gastronomy. Indeed, gastronomy in Barcelona offers such a wide range of possibilities. This way, eating paella in the restaurants in Barceloneta or visiting the best bars in Raval are always good options.

Come with us and discover the best summer gastronomy in Barcelona. Continue reading Best summer gastronomy in Barcelona

living Barcelona

Living Barcelona from the heights

We all know the charming streets of Barcelona. The Catalan capital is a city full of different neighbourhoods, and each of them have their own style, way of life and personality.

This way, we can get lost in these amazing streets and discover hundreds of hidden secrets of this unforgettable city. But today let’s forget the floor and look at the heights of Barcelona. Here we present some ways and places to enjoy the best views of the Condal city and living Barcelona from the heights.

So, do not hesitate to rent a bedroom in Barcelona for holidays and discover by yourself all the places we talk about. Continue reading Living Barcelona from the heights

Barcelona in summer

5 things to do in Barcelona in summer

Summer is a special time of the year. Thanks to the sunny days and warm temperatures we are ready to squeeze each one of the days of the week. Additionally, we have more hours of light, so we can do more thing during the day.

Going to the beach, where we can take a bath or just lay relaxed sunbathing (always remember to use sun cream!), enjoying festivals of music or major parties in the different neighbourhoods or visiting the costa brava from Barcelona are some of the activities we can plan for this summer. But there are much more!

Here we present 5 things to do in Barcelona in summer. Continue reading 5 things to do in Barcelona in summer

paella in Barcelona

Where enjoying a delicious paella in Barcelona

We all are waiting for summer and sunny days to enjoy Barcelona at its maximum. Walking around the charming neighbourhoods, stopping in a terrace to have a drink while you enjoy the warm weather or taking a bath on the Mediterranean waters and sunbathing are some of the great experiences we can live while visiting Barcelona in summer.

When we talk about gastronomy, there is a special dish we can’t miss when we travel to the Catalan capital: paella. But, where can we get a proper dish of this traditional and delicious Mediterranean meal? Certainly, beaches of Barcelona are a good place, since there is a wide range of restaurants where we can find paella, but some of them are not the best choice because they are expensive and with poor quality.

That is why here we present some great places to enjoy paella in Barcelona. Take note! Continue reading Where enjoying a delicious paella in Barcelona


Poblenou: where tradition and future meet

Barcelona is a city of neighbourhoods. There are plenty of them with specific and unique personality and charm. That is why we find different environments and cultures among the different areas of the same city.

We all know famous neighbourhoods in Barcelona: Gothic Quarter with Barcelona’s Cathedral and Sant Jaume square; El Raval and its Rambla with Botero’s cat; Eixample with its beautiful buildings representing a great example of modernism in Barcelona; Gràcia with its unique charm… and so many others which are not as famous as these, but still have special attractions and beautiful places that completely worth a visit.

One example of these areas is Poblenou: an extensive neighborhood of Barcelona that borders the Mediterranean Sea to the south, Sant Adrià del Besòs to the east, Parc de la Ciutadella in Ciutat Vella to the west, and Horta-Guinardó and Sant Andreu to the north. Continue reading Poblenou: where tradition and future meet

music and party in Barcelona

Summer is coming: music and party in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city where music and party are always present. In fact, they have a large cultural tradition that includes neighbourhood parties full of fire, colours, delicious gastronomy and traditional music. Some examples of these wonderful parties you can’t miss are Festes de La Mercé, Festes de Gràcia or Festes de Sants.

But today we are not talking about these local parties. Instead, we will present other kind of events where music and party in Barcelona are the main protagonist: music summer festivals!

Visiting Barcelona is always an exciting experience but enjoying live concerts of your favourite artists in a stage such as the Catalan capital, is just an unforgettable experience. Continue reading Summer is coming: music and party in Barcelona

adventure day in Pyrenees

An adventure day in Pyrenees

Pyrenees are a great winter destination. We can enjoy its magnificent mountains, where we find a wide range of ski stations with a large number of ski slopes. In fact, this is probably the best place for skiing in the whole Peninsula.

But winter is not the only time we can enjoy the wonders of Pyrenees. Summer is also a great period to drive to these landscapes surrounded by mountains, trees, lakes and nature and scape from the crowded city.

So, if you like shopping in Barcelona or visiting museums, but you feel you need more active distractions, get a train or bus ticket and live an adventure day in Pyrenees. Continue reading An adventure day in Pyrenees

flowers in Barcelona

May: the month of flowers in Barcelona

May is a great month to visit Barcelona. Winter and low temperatures are almost forgotten, and summer comes with sunny days and warm weather. Additionally, during this time we can enjoy of some fresh air avoiding this way the stifling environment of August, when it is so hot you can’t even properly breath.

Furthermore, may is the month when Temps de flors (Time of flowers) is celebrated in Girona from May 12th to May 20th. So, travel to Girona from a Barcelona studio. It is a fast trip, because Girona is located 99 kilometers northeast of Barcelona.

May is also the month of flowers in Barcelona. This way, some emblematic areas of the Condal city are covered with colourful flowers that make them even more beautiful. Continue reading May: the month of flowers in Barcelona