adventure day in Pyrenees

An adventure day in Pyrenees

Pyrenees are a great winter destination. We can enjoy its magnificent mountains, where we find a wide range of ski stations with a large number of ski slopes. In fact, this is probably the best place for skiing in the whole Peninsula.

But winter is not the only time we can enjoy the wonders of Pyrenees. Summer is also a great period to drive to these landscapes surrounded by mountains, trees, lakes and nature and scape from the crowded city.

So, if you like shopping in Barcelona or visiting museums, but you feel you need more active distractions, get a train or bus ticket and live an adventure day in Pyrenees. Continue reading An adventure day in Pyrenees

flowers in Barcelona

May: the month of flowers in Barcelona

May is a great month to visit Barcelona. Winter and low temperatures are almost forgotten, and summer comes with sunny days and warm weather. Additionally, during this time we can enjoy of some fresh air avoiding this way the stifling environment of August, when it is so hot you can’t even properly breath.

Furthermore, may is the month when Temps de flors (Time of flowers) is celebrated in Girona from May 12th to May 20th. So, travel to Girona from a Barcelona studio. It is a fast trip, because Girona is located 99 kilometers northeast of Barcelona.

May is also the month of flowers in Barcelona. This way, some emblematic areas of the Condal city are covered with colourful flowers that make them even more beautiful. Continue reading May: the month of flowers in Barcelona

sports in Barcelona

Sports in Barcelona: much more than games.

Barcelona is a city we could talk about for years. When we visit this amazing place, we organize several different tours: Gaudí’s works are a must: Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and other incredible constructions such as Casa Batlló, Casa Vicens or Casa Milà. We also will enjoy walking through charming neighbourhoods such as Gothic Quarter, El Born, La Barceloneta or El Raval.

Those are some examples of hundreds of activities we can enjoy in the Catalan capital. Art, architecture, painting, sculpture, gastronomy, traditions… but there is something missing here, isn’t it?

Sports! Right! Actually, these are great times to visit Barcelona because there are plenty of sportive events we can enjoy. We have already enjoyed all the jewels of Gaudí around Barcelona, now let’s have some sport time!

In this article we will present some of the best events related to sports in Barcelona. Continue reading Sports in Barcelona: much more than games.

Sant Jordi in Barcelona

Best plans to enjoy Sant Jordi in Barcelona

Sant Jordi (Saint George) is the patron saint of Catalonia and it is celebrated on April 23rd. On these days, Barcelona is full of roses and books, the two main symbols of Sant Jordi. In fact, tradition says this day men should gift roses to women, and women should gift books to men. Nowadays, the tradition keeps going but it has evolved. This way, everyone gifts roses and books, no matter the gender of the person.

It is a special day, a day dedicated to love and culture in Barcelona. So, if you are visiting the Catalan capital during those days, don’t hesitate to go for a walk and breath the great atmosphere of the city.

Here we present some activities you can include in your “to-do-list” for Sant Jodi in Barcelona. Continue reading Best plans to enjoy Sant Jordi in Barcelona

books set in Barcelona

Reading time! Discover the best books set in Barcelona

Saint George’s Day (Sant Jordi in Catalan) is celebrated in Catalonia on 23rd of April. Sant Jordi is the Catalan patron saint, and during this day the tradition says we have to gift culture and love, which are represented by a book and a rose. This way, gifting books set in Barcelona is a great option on those dates.

Reading books set in Barcelona is also a wonderful way of discovering the Catalan capital: secret and beautiful corners, traditional shops, green parks… we can make a list with places to visit we have previously read about.

Walking around, enjoying gastronomy or playing sports in Barcelona are some of the possibilities this city offers. But in this post, we will talk about another different field. Here we present some novels whose scenario is the Condal City. So, lets take a break to read! Continue reading Reading time! Discover the best books set in Barcelona

Green hearts in the city: best parks of Barcelona

A really important characteristic of every city is the existence of green areas where we can forget crowded streets, noisy traffic jams and the stress related to day-to-day routine and an accelerated way of life.

This is why parks are an essential element in every city. In fact, there are some of them that are famous and well-known all around the globe: Central Park in New York, Parc Güell in Barcelona, Hyde Park in London, Tiergarten in Dublin, Vondelpark in Amsterdam or Suzhou’s Park (located in the Chinese city with the same name) are some examples of beautiful parks we strongly recommend visiting.

Today, we talk about best parks of Barcelona. Collserola Park, Ciutadella Park, Parc del Laberint de l’Horta… Where can we find them? What will we discover there? Just keep reading… Continue reading Green hearts in the city: best parks of Barcelona

Barcelona in the cinema

Barcelona in the cinema: how do film directors show the city?

There are some cities you quickly fall in love with when you visit them. Some examples of that are Paris with its magnificent streets, full of beautiful monuments and source of culture and art; Venice, the floating city we can visit sailing in a gondola through its charming channels; Edinburgh with its castle and stone pavements that make us feel we are in medieval times; and of course, Barcelona, the well-known Catalan capital shines with its own light thanks to beautiful Mediterranean beaches and modernistic jewels we find all around the city.

Barcelona is not just a great touristic destination, but also a great scenario where celebrating all kind of shows and events. This way, we find Barcelona music festivals, sportive events such as Marathons or Triathlons, painting and photography exhibitions and even film shootings.

In this post we talk about Barcelona in the cinema and we present some films filmed in the Condal city. Have you watched all of them? Continue reading Barcelona in the cinema: how do film directors show the city?

bike routes from Barcelona

5 bike routes from Barcelona to enjoy a different weekend

Travelling is a great way of discovering new places, learning about different cultures and developing your personality and your knowledge. It is, indeed, one of the most enriching experiences. When you come back home, you feel you are a different person from the one that started the trip.

But travelling can be also a sportive experience. This way, we will be able to discover more natural places and enjoy of playing sport in a different environment than the one we usually live.

If you are a bike-lover, Barcelona is your destination. There, you will find a wide range of bike routes combining nature landscapes, beautiful mountains and breath-taking views of the Catalan capital. Furthermore, biking through the city is one of the best plans to enjoy Barcelona in family.

In this post we present 5 bike routes from Barcelona you can easily ride and enjoy. Continue reading 5 bike routes from Barcelona to enjoy a different weekend

apartment in Sants

Sants: a neighbourhood that combines tradition and commerce

We all know famous neighbourhoods in Barcelona: Gothic Quarter with Barcelona’s Cathedral and Sant Jaume square; El Raval and its Rambla with Botero’s cat; Eixample with its beautiful modernistic buildings; Gràcia with its unique charm… but there are many more areas that are not so known, and they have much to offer.

One of this relatively unknown neighbourhoods is Sants. This area is located in the west side of the city and there we find the main train station of Barcelona: Barcelona Sants. So, many people arrive in Barcelona and Sants is the first neighbourhood they visit without knowing it.

In this post, we will give some reasons to let you know searching for apartment in Sants is a great option when travelling to Barcelona. Continue reading Sants: a neighbourhood that combines tradition and commerce

celebrations in Barcelona

March, a month of celebrations in Barcelona

Winter is a great time to spend in Barcelona. We can enjoy a “smooth cold” weather with higher temperatures than the rest of countries of Europe, and if we are snow-lovers, we can drive to Pyrenees and live a great journey skiing or snowboarding one of the most beautiful cordilleras in Europe.

However, since we are in March winter is almost over. But don’t worry! Amazing plans and activities are a constant in the Catalan capital. In this article we will discover that march is, indeed, a month of celebrations in Barcelona. Arrival of spring means higher temperatures, blooming trees and flowers and sunny days, which is the best scenario to walk around this wonderful city and fall in love with its unique personality.

So, don’t hesitate to find the best apartment to rent in Barcelona and book a flight to visit this wonderful city. Continue reading March, a month of celebrations in Barcelona