apartment in Sants

Sants: a neighbourhood that combines tradition and commerce

We all know famous neighbourhoods in Barcelona: Gothic Quarter with Barcelona’s Cathedral and Sant Jaume square; El Raval and its Rambla with Botero’s cat; Eixample with its beautiful modernistic buildings; Gràcia with its unique charm… but there are many more areas that are not so known, and they have much to offer.

One of this relatively unknown neighbourhoods is Sants. This area is located in the west side of the city and there we find the main train station of Barcelona: Barcelona Sants. So, many people arrive in Barcelona and Sants is the first neighbourhood they visit without knowing it.

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celebrations in Barcelona

March, a month of celebrations in Barcelona

Winter is a great time to spend in Barcelona. We can enjoy a “smooth cold” weather with higher temperatures than the rest of countries of Europe, and if we are snow-lovers, we can drive to Pyrenees and live a great journey skiing or snowboarding one of the most beautiful cordilleras in Europe.

However, since we are in March winter is almost over. But don’t worry! Amazing plans and activities are a constant in the Catalan capital. In this article we will discover that march is, indeed, a month of celebrations in Barcelona. Arrival of spring means higher temperatures, blooming trees and flowers and sunny days, which is the best scenario to walk around this wonderful city and fall in love with its unique personality.

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wonders of Gaudí

Mysteries and secret wonders of Gaudí

For sure, we all know the figure of Antoni Gaudí, Catalan architect who designed some of the most incredible buildings of Barcelona. He is the most representative architect of Modernistic style, and his works completely broke the style of his epoch and presented a new way to understand not only architecture, but also art and culture.

Gaudí style was totally influenced by nature. He observed, analyzed and studied nature to understand how the world is built and use those patterns to design his buildings. This is perfectly understandable when we read again one of his most famous statements: “originality consists in returning to the origin”.

So, if you are visiting the Catalan capital, don’t hesitate to follow the steps not only of Gaudí, but also other geniuses such as Dalí and Picasso in Barcelona.

In this case, we talk about mysteries and secret wonders of Gaudí you may not know about. Continue reading Mysteries and secret wonders of Gaudí

Sitges Carnival

Sitges: much more than just a Carnival

Today we talk about one of the most famous towns among Barcelona surroundings: Sitges.

Sitges is a charming town located just 38 kilometers away from Barcelona. It has a population under 30.000 habitants and, the same as most of villages of Barcelona surroundings, it has a great fishing tradition.

This small coastal town is well-known thanks to its wonderful beaches. In fact, the Catalan village has 17 beaches along its 4 kilometers of coast. In addition, we find a wide range of traditional and cultural celebrations. The most famous of them is Sitges Carnival, but as you will see, this is not the only interesting event that take place in this dream town. Continue reading Sitges: much more than just a Carnival

a skiing day from a Barcelona apartment

A skiing day from a Barcelona apartment

Cold temperatures are usually a problem when travelling. We have to fill our suitcases with tones of winter clothing, we have to carry our gloves, scarf and hat all around the city. We are cold in the street, but we are hot when we get into a coffee shop or any store.

Despite all these inconvenient situations, winter and cold have a great advantage: snow. Why should be snow a positive factor? Easy answer. When there is snow, we can ski. We can’t miss the opportunity of slide the hills with a smooth slalom. The feeling while we descend a mountain is just incomparable.

This is the reason why travelling to Pyrenees from a Barcelona apartment is a great option to live a unique experience and play some sport on those winter days.

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winter party in Barcelona

Santa Eulàlia: the winter party in Barcelona

Barcelona is well known by its wonderful weather, beautiful buildings, wonderful beaches, local culture and so on. We could spend a whole day listing the great qualities of this Mediterranean city.

If you want to know Catalan culture at first-hand, there is nothing like traditional celebrations. Festes Majors (major parties of neighborhoods such as Gràcia, Sants o El Raval), La Mercé or Sant Jordi are some good examples of these ancient local celebrations where Catalan culture and gastronomy are part of the experience.

Today, we talk about one of these parties; Santa Eulàlia: the winter party in Barcelona.

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winter in Barcelona

Best plans for winter in Barcelona

When we talk about winter and low temperatures, there is a big difference between Spain and the rest of Europe. Spain is a privileged country gifted with hot summers and tolerable winters, when temperatures are often over 0º Celsius. This way, we can be astonished with temperatures around 10º Celsius in the middle of January, especially in Mediterranean areas.

That is why, when we spend winter in Barcelona, we do some activities completely different to the ones we would plan while visiting other European countries.

Despite taking a bath on the beach is not recommended during this times, we have many other possibilities such as enjoy gastronomy in Barcelona, discover the charming surrounding towns or hike along Catalan hills. Continue reading Best plans for winter in Barcelona

concerts in Barcelona in 2018

Which will be the best concerts in Barcelona in 2018?

Barcelona is one of the Spanish cities with better musical offer. The most important music groups and singers, no matter the kind of music they perform, include the Catalan capital in their European tours.

That means a new kind of tourism: musical trips. You can check concerts in Barcelona in 2018 and plan a trip to the Condal city for these days. This way, you will be able to enjoy the charm of a unique city with one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural environments all around the world; discover magical pieces of art designed by Miró, Gaudí or Picasso and, additionally, live a concert of your favorite music group. Wouldn’t be this the icing on the cake?

So, don’t miss the opportunity and check concerts in Barcelona in 2018, book your flight tickets, find an apartment to rent in Barcelona and enjoy this unique experience.

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medieval Barcelona

Gothic: discover medieval Barcelona

Nowadays, Barcelona is worldly known as a cosmopolitan city with the characteristic Mediterranean charm. But, many years ago, the environment of the Condal city was really different. In 9th Century, Barcelona was the heart of Mediterranean commerce thanks to the power of Charlemagne. During this time, many gothic buildings that we can still visit in one of the most famous neighborhoods in Barcelona: Gothic neighborhood.

This area also keeps the best secret places of Barcelona. So, let’s discover medieval Barcelona walking along the beautiful narrow streets of this amazing place. Continue reading Gothic: discover medieval Barcelona

Three Kings in Barcelona

Waiting for The Three Kings in Barcelona

We are in 2018 already. New Year’s Eve was a great party where we bade 2017 farewell remembering all the good times we had. But we also think about our wishes and expectations for this new year which is coming.

First week of the year is also a really important moment for children in Spain, because The Three Kings are preparing all their presents to be delivered the night of 5th January. In fact, these Three Wise Men visit all the cities of Spain to greet children before starting their hard work during night.

If you are visiting Barcelona in Christmas time, you can be part of this centenary tradition. This is why, when visiting the Catalan capital, you should go to their parade and see Three Kings in Barcelona.

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