foodie trends barcelona 2020

Foodie trends in Barcelona you need to know for 2020

Barcelona, a city where culinary innovation is at its best and where recipes that originate from here travel all around the globe. We will present you with the foodie trends in Barcelona you need to know for 2020 and where exactly to find them.

The city boasts a huge variety of quality cuisines from all over the world and many venues that offer excellent street food.

If you are a foodie and you want to be ahead of your time when it comes to foodie trends, then Barcelona is the place for you.

Prepare for the new foodie trends in Barcelona for 2020

The culinary and cooking world is a very rapidly evolving and ever-changing world.

Keeping track of all the foodie trends is difficult on its own. Thank god, every year in Barcelona, one of the largest trade shows is organized, that of Alimentaria. In 2020, it will take place from April the 20th until the 23rd in the Gran Via venue in Barcelona.

The exhibition anticipates foodie trends and sees business opportunities well into the future. Collaborating with the tourism and food industry sectors, it emphasizes on gastronomy, innovation and trends throughout a wide range of activities.

So, if you want to partake and be the first to know foodie trends in Barcelona for the year 2020, this is the place to be.

Get to know your foodie websites

Since the city of Barcelona contains a huge variety of cuisines and foodie trends, keeping track of all is quite difficult. Thankfully many websites exist, some only in Spanish, some as well in English.

There, every new trend and innovation, every new shop and venue that opens is uploaded for you. One of them, in English, is the website. It offers much information about foodie trends in the city so as not to miss anything.

Another one is the “Doña Croqueta”, only in Spanish. It offers all the information you need about the gastronomy and the foodie culture in the city so as not to miss anything. Events, restaurants, experiences and foodie trends in Barcelona, you will find everything there.

Another trusted guide to the best food finds and foodie trends in the city is the website Barcelona Food Experience. You can browse by neighborhood and easily find places to eat and drink in each area.

Last but not least, we recommend Where’s the food Barcelona that acts as a foodie guide through various photographs.

All those websites are great if you want to learn beforehand the foodie trends in Barcelona.

You can rent an apartment close to all the areas that offer great food and get to live life like a local and not a tourist. In the culinary and food sector, one thing is for certain: Barcelona has many things to offer.

chocolate shops in barcelona

Best chocolate shops in Barcelona to keep warm in winter

There is nothing better, when the weather is cold, than a steaming cup of hot chocolate to keep you warm. Trust us! And when it is accompanied by chocolate sweets, then this is heaven.

The sweet, fulfilling and addictive taste of chocolate is a global experience. People from all around the globe will agree that chocolate is a delicious treat. So, for all of you that desire to live everything the cocoa bean has to offer, the city of Barcelona is definitely a must. With some of the greatest chocolate shops in Barcelona, cafés and restaurants in Europe, browsing through the chocolate culture in Barcelona it is a must.

Let your sweet tooth run wild while learning at the same time all about the origins of chocolate in the famous Museo de la Xocolata in the capital of Catalonia.

Chocolate shops in Barcelona, a sweet history

Barcelona hosts some of the better and more well-known chocolate shops in Europe.

Among them are the Xocoa chocolatier shops that specialize in the art of chocolate. Maybe one of the best chocolate shops in Barcelona with flavors ranging from Jamaican pepper and rosemary all the way to products based on chocolate, this chocolate shops is definitely worth a visit.

Another remarkable chocolate shop in Barcelona is the Cacao Sampaka. This is a shop that specializes on selling chocolate cooking ingredients, chocolate spreads as well as chocolate fondue.

Chocolate museum and “granjas” to keep warm

El Museu de la Xocolata is located in Carrer de Comerç, 36, across the Parc de la Ciutadella.

If you are interested to know more about the rich history of the cocoa bean, a trip in the museum will answer all your questions. You will be able to experience how chocolate is made and see statues made entirely out of chocolate along with traditional machinery that was used in the past to make chocolate. If you are travelling with kids make sure you book a seat to the various one-hour seminars. They will love them.

A trip in Barcelona will not be complete without tasting the traditional delicacy known as chocolate con churros. You can find them in the typical Spanish cafés also known as granjas.

Usually those churros are served with warm chocolate that is thick and creamy and you can dip your churro in it. The city of Barcelona is home to many granjas. Some of them remain, up to this day, hidden treasures.

The most famous chocolate shops and granja in Barcelona are the La Pallaresa, located on a street that is well-known for its chocolate in Barcelona: Carrer de Petritxol. It is located in the Gothic quartier and this charming, small café is always bustling with life with locals and tourists. It offers other delicacies as well, such as Catalana cream and muffins.

So, if you simply want to indulge in a sweet delight or if you consider yourself a chocolate aficionado, then an experience in the chocolate culture of Barcelona is definitely worth it during your stay in this amazing city.

And for those of you that will rent one of the many apartments in Barcelona, do not miss the traditional churros con chocolate or the chance to lose yourself in the streets and indulge in something sweet.

This is your chance to enjoy the best chocolate shops in Barcelona and one of the most delicious delicacies of the Catalan capital.





5 things christmas day barcelona

5 things to live a Christmas day in Barcelona like a local

The capital of Catalonia usually attracts most visitors during spring and summer. But those  that choose to visit it in December will get to know another, equally spectacular, aspect of this city with these 5 things to live a Christmas Day in Barcelona like a local.

The streets are lighted with hundreds of lights, old shops with wonderfully decorated storefronts make the scenery look like a Dickens fairytale. In squares many markets, firas, are set up with many stalls offering treats, gifts and ornaments. The huge ice rink dominates over Plaça de Catalunya and the city’s highlight is none other than the big nativity scene in Plaça de Sant Jaume.

5 things to enjoy Christmas Day in Barcelona like a local

We concentrated these 5 top things to do on a Christmas day in Barcelona as a local so save this on your calendar to live the experience to the full.

Christmas lights

More than 400 streets are decorated with huge Christmas lights. The most impressive are located along La Rambla, in Portal de l’ Angel and in Passeig de Gràcia.

This year, the famous Torre Agbar of Jean Nouvel will be lighted and shine like a giant Christmas tree.

The ice rink

Also, every year Plaça de Catalunya hosts a giant ice rink that operates each day from 10am until 9pm. Wear your gloves and ice skate on your own or participate in courses taking place there.

Very often, the stores of the nearby Portal de l’ Angel offer discount coupons for the ice rink.

Nativity scene

Furthermore, there is no house in Barcelona that on Christmas day does not have a nativity scene. But the bigger, better and more spectacular is in Plaça de Sant Jaume.

Everybody waits impatiently for its opening every year at the end of November while often there are many surprises. For instance, one year the traditional figures were replaced by figures of street cleaners, firemen and workers.

Fira de Santa Llúcia

The Christmas market of Santa Llúcia around the cathedral is no ordinary fira.

It is dedicated to the Middle Ages and to Catalonian traditions. Besides ornaments and mistletoe, you will find also the characteristic figure of the caganer, the peasant with his pants down that does number 2, a figure that is placed on the edge of every nativity scene in Catalonia.

Another traditional Catalan custom is that of the caga tió, a log with a painted smiley face, feet and a red hat. You will find it in most Catalan houses. It is customary to cover it with a small blanket overnight so as not to catch cold.

Giant Logs

This year, a giant log has been placed in front of Col-legi d’ Arquitectes de Catalunya.

Finally, according to Catalan myths, the Home dels nassos (the man with the noses) is a figure that wonders around town in New Year’s Eve having in his face as many noses as the days of the year left since each day it loses one nose.

Cursa dels Nassos

Every year, during the last day of the year, a 11km race across Barcelona is hosted where everybody can run as a tribute to Home del nassos.

Live a Christmas day in Barcelona

Overall, we believe that Barcelona has attractions to offer during Christmas days. You can choose to find and rent apartments in Barcelona close to Sagrada Familia or close to the cathedral and the Christmas markets.

This way you will be able to enjoy your holidays, live like a local in Barcelona and furthermore make use of all the amenities you will have had in a hotel but with a local touch.

AinB rent apartment barcelona

traditional Christmas Markets Barcelona

Visiting traditional Christmas Markets in Barcelona

Many people, when they think about Christmas destinations, they envision snow and cold weather, an image closer to Central Europe. However, if you choose to visit Barcelona during the Christmas period, you will discover many activities as visit the traditional Christmas Markets of Barcelona.

The local Christmas markets have many sights and activities around them to offer. The ramblas, the squares and the narrow streets are all filled with Christmas markets. You can eat, stroll and shop for ornaments and presents in a friendly and Christmassy atmosphere.

Traditional Christmas Markets in Barcelona

We will present you some of the best traditional Christmas markets so you can enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Fira de Santa Llúcia and Fira at the Sagrada Familia

If you haven’t realized it until now, fira is another word for Christmas market.

One of the best and most well-known Barcelona Christmas market is the one located in front of the magnificent Barcelona Cathedral. It dates back to the 18th century and it contains hundreds of stalls where you can shop for your ornaments, your Christmas tree, for mistletoe and decorations.

Kids will love the caga tió that you will find in many stalls. It is a log with a painted smiley face, red hat and two legs. According to tradition, children keep it at home and caring for it like a pet.

A giant log is usually set in this Christmas market that offers presents to children when they hit it with sticks.

Additionally, if you want to combine a Barcelona Christmas market with a visit to one of the greatest sights of the city, that of the Sagrada Familia, you can. T

here is a Christmas market around the gardens outside of the Sagrada Familia. It has many stalls offering a huge variety of traditional products, just like the one in Santa Llúcia even though this one is smaller. But its location, in the foot of the Sagrada Familia, provides for a spectacular setting and you can easily combine it with a visit to the building.

Fira de Brocanters and Fira del Col.lectiu d’Artesans d’Alimentació

Those two Barcelona Christmas markets are smaller and overlooked by many during the Christmas period. But we believe that they have many things to offer and are a must during your visit to Barcelona.

The first one, an antique market, is located close to the Plaça de Catalunya. It is a small one and contains stalls selling antiques, jewellery and many other collector items. It is usually busy during that time of the year but if you search closely you might find something affordable.

Furthermore, near the square close to the Church of Santa Maria del Pi there is also another market which is crowded during Christmas. The stalls there sell honey, chocolate, herbs, cakes and food in general. The atmosphere is friendly and the prices are affordable, even during high season.

Enjoy the traditional Christmas Markets in Barcelona with AinB

Generally speaking, Barcelona might not have the standard “Christmas weather” but has nothing to be afraid of when it comes to Christmas market.

There is a plethora of markets spread around the city. While booking your trip to Barcelona, we highly suggest looking for apartments for rent in Barcelona, either close to Sagrada Familia or in Eixample and many more places.

You will be close to all the markets and you will be able to enjoy Christmas in Barcelona like a local while lavishing in all the amenities that a hotel would not have been able to offer.

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Family holidays in Barcelona

How to plan the best family holidays in Barcelona this summer

Every time you go on holidays with your family, you are definitely aware that a considerable amount of planning is required. Proper accommodation (like an apartment that can fit all of you together) along with fun activities so as children do not get bored need to be planned ahead.

The same applies for Barcelona. If you are planning family holidays in Barcelona, the jewel of Catalonia, then you need to pay extra attention to some things. This article is meant to assist you plan and find fun activities for the children to do.

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Costa Daurada from Barcelona

A summer break to Costa Daurada from Barcelona

The shores of Spain in the Mediterranean are almost endless. Besides the well-known tourist resorts, they are multiple destinations and places waiting the unwearied traveler. Spain has more than 1.600 kilometers of coastline in the Mediterranean reaching from Tarifa, the southern part of the European continent up until the rocky cliffs of Cabo de Creus, in the North Catalonia, near the borders between Spain and France. These kilometers host a variety of attractions and things to do.

One of those areas is the famous Costa Daurada (Gold Coast) in the Tarragona province, an area that starts north of Levante. Barcelona, one of the jewels of Spain and of Mediterranean, is located only 90 kilometers away and you can easily combine a visit to Barcelona with a summer break and a visit to Costa Daurada from Barcelona.

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Barcelona rooftop bars

Barcelona rooftop bars to see the city from above

During the summer there is no better thing than relaxing with a cocktail or a drink in your hands on a rooftop bar, especially when the weather is very hot. You can listen to great music, enjoy the view from a rooftop and feel the breeze. Visitors and tourists are always searching for the best rooftop bar in the city their visiting.

Barcelona could not be an exception to this. Barcelona rooftop bars abound and most likely you will come across one in every corner. Many of those rooftop bars are in hotels. In their majority, those rooftop bars are open to visitors that are not staying the hotel. In most of the cases, it is not necessary to stay in the hotel to enjoy the view from its rooftop. You can enjoy your drink and the lovely view and then return to your apartment you have rented in Barcelona. We will present you, in this article, with a selection of 4 of the best Barcelona rooftop bars for you to visit.


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Human towers in Barcelona

Castellers: where to see human towers in Barcelona during August?

Catalans hold a monopoly in the building sector, the human castles or towers or castells as they are known. Castellers are building for over 200 years those high “towers” at the southwest part of Catalonia and especially at Tarragona and Penedès. That one of a kind folklore tradition it is said to have roots in medieval siege practices while nowadays it is an amateur sport that everybody takes seriously.

Castellers try to “build” floors made out of humans reaching as high as possible and then descend without letting the tower collapse to a rumble. This is actually a cultural symbol in Catalonia and the experience of watching castellers is truly amazing and mesmerizing. Nowadays, many groups of castellers, the so called collas, are active in and around Barcelona. Along with the rest (the best groups come from the Valls and Vilafranca del Penedès areas) they participate in local fiestas and competitions from February until October.

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Five tips to live an open-air film festival in Barcelona during summer

There are various reasons why people prefer and visit Barcelona all year long. Some do it for the rich culture and history, the architecture, the museums. Others for the food, the ramblas, the beaches and the vibrant people and atmosphere.

Barcelona is a touristic attraction for all seasons. The truth is whenever you choose to visit the jewel of Catalonia, there are always things to see, visit and experience and you will never feel bored. There are, though, certain aficionados that believe that Barcelona is better during the summer. One of the reasons that they do so is the many open-air films festivals in Barcelona. You can find, during the summer months, many different open-air locations where movies are shown. The most famous is the one at the Castle of Montjuïc. Also, the ones that take place in the courtyard of the CCCB and sometimes on the beach of Barceloneta are also known. In this article we will present you with 5 basic tips for you to enjoy a film festival.

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Enjoy Barcelona for free: free special things to do in the city

Barcelona is considered by many visitors as a remarkable city. Millions of people flock into it every month to get a taste of the food, the architecture, the history, the beaches, the ramblas and the atmosphere. No matter what you are into, one thing is for sure: you will find it in Barcelona.

Additionally, most people when they are planning their vacation somewhere, they place huge emphasis on the money side of things. From tickets to accommodation to activities and admission fees, money is a very important aspect of everyone’s planning. And this is why most of the cities make sure to provide free activities and things for a tourist to do on a budget. In this article we will provide you with some of the best free things to do in the city during your visit. Barcelona for free is possible!

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