4 advices to avoid the typical mistakes when visiting Barcelona in summer

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean during the months of summer and no wonder why. Its nice weather, atmosphere, people and culture turns this international coastal city into the right spot to spend some nice holidays, no matter if you want to chill or you rather spend some crazy and exciting vacations.

It’s got the beaches, the history, the restaurants, the nightlife, the monuments, the nature, the shopping areas… Just everything you need for no matter what kind of holidays you want to spend! That’s why it attracts people of all kinds, ages and origins. Anyway, there are some things you should know before visiting Barcelona in summer if you want to take the maximum advantage of this ideal summer destination and avoid the typical mistakes that many tourists make.

Protect yourself from the sun

It’s quite common during the months of summer to see big groups of tourists with absolutely sunburned skins when walking around the streets of Barcelona. They look like red prawns that never had access to a sun cream, but fortunately you do, so please don’t forget to protect your skin if you are going to be exposed to the sun for long hours, which you probably will.

If you are visiting Barcelona during the month of august it May get quite hot, moreover if you add the high humidity you will get some hours that you rather avoid walking around. I’m talking about midday, which is the worst moment of the day for being outside. Try to plan your day so you enjoy de morning and the evening without the need of melting yourself during the warmest hours.

Rent an apartment instead of booking a hotel room

As usual, prices go up during the months of summer for most of the touristic services in town. This applies specially to hotel fares, which can rise incredibly during July and August as the demand also grows. That’s why renting an apartment can be a really wise decision, as you will end up saving money and at the end of the day you will have access to more facilities that will enable you to feel at home and have a more autonomous holiday experience.

AinB rent apartment barcelona

Avoid touristic restaurants

You are probably willing to arrive to Barcelona in order to try some nice tapas or paellas, everyone does. But you should be careful not to end up in some average quality touristic restaurant. It’s really easy to find this kind of places as they are all over the place, but they are also very easy to identify and avoid.

If someone jumps into you in middle of the street trying to take you to his restaurant which is full of pictures of paella dishes and sangria jars just don’t follow him. Moreover if you realize that the restaurant is full of tourists and there isn’t a single local having a meal in there, you can be sure this is one the places where you will end up paying a lot of money for some bad quality food.

Be careful when buying souvenirs

You probably also want to take some souvenirs of Barcelona back to your country. That shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do as there are plenty of this kind of shops in the city center, nevertheless, many of them offer souvenir items that have absolutely nothing to do with Barcelona or its culture.

Souvenirs in Barcelona

Mexican hats for example, why would you want to buy one of those to remember your holidays in Barcelona? Nobody has ever wore them here so it makes absolutely no sense to buy one of them as a souvenir. Why do they sell them then? No idea, I guess it’s just because some disoriented tourists keep buying them.

So this are some advices to avoid the typical mistakes when visiting Barcelona during summer. Can you give us some more? Which mistake have you made during your holidays in summer?

4 advices to avoid the typical mistakes when visiting Barcelona in summer
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