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5 bike routes from Barcelona to enjoy a different weekend

Travelling is a great way of discovering new places, learning about different cultures and developing your personality and your knowledge. It is, indeed, one of the most enriching experiences. When you come back home, you feel you are a different person from the one that started the trip.

But travelling can be also a sportive experience. This way, we will be able to discover more natural places and enjoy of playing sport in a different environment than the one we usually live.

If you are a bike-lover, Barcelona is your destination. There, you will find a wide range of bike routes combining nature landscapes, beautiful mountains and breath-taking views of the Catalan capital. Furthermore, biking through the city is one of the best plans to enjoy Barcelona in family.

In this post we present 5 bike routes from Barcelona you can easily ride and enjoy.

Following the coastline

If you are one of those who love beaches and all its surroundings, this route is made for you.

Starting from Fòrum area, we can pedal to Premiá de Mar through Maresme beaches like Montgat and Masnou.

In this route, we will enjoy the sound of the waves, the smell of the sea salt in the air and the fresh wind coming from the Mediterranean. It is a gift to all senses.

We can start our route from this chic bohemian apartment located just next to Barceloneta beach. This way, we start to ride through the promenade.

Discover Montjuïc Hills

Montjuïc is one of the most famous hills in Barcelona. It is located just next to the sea, and it has some of the most amazing buildings we can find in the city.

We start our route tiding through España Square and Maria Cristina Avenue, where we find a monumental fountain and two high towers that remind us San Marco bell tower, located in San Marco Square in Venice.

After that, we start the ascent through a curved road where we find different touristic spots such as National Palace, Magical Fountain and Poble Espanyol.

Our route finishes on the top of Montjuïc hill, where we will enjoy wonderful views of the city and the sea. Additionally, there is a castle with a photography exhibition on the top on this iconic hill.

Biking through Collserola Park

Collserola Natural Park is an 8.000-hectare natural area which counts with a wide range of fauna and flora. In fact, we find over a thousand major plants and more than thirty plant communities.

This mountain range separates Barcelona from Vallès plain, and it is the largest metropolitan park in the whole world. Its area is 22 larger than Central Park.

Imagine all the bike routes we can ride through this immense forest area! The possibilities are almost infinite.

Montnegre i El Corredor Park

This park is a 15.000-hectare natural area located in the Catalan Coastal Range, between Maresme and East Vallès areas.

From Mataró to Tordera, we find hundreds of amazing secret corners and magical forests. But be careful! Here we will find high levels of incline on the paths, so we recommend these routes for people who train with their bikes during the whole year. On the other hand, the views from the top of the mountains are totally worth the effort.


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5 bike routes from Barcelona to enjoy a different weekend
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