Barcelona in summer

5 things to do in Barcelona in summer

Summer is a special time of the year. Thanks to the sunny days and warm temperatures we are ready to squeeze each one of the days of the week. Additionally, we have more hours of light, so we can do more thing during the day.

Going to the beach, where we can take a bath or just lay relaxed sunbathing (always remember to use sun cream!), enjoying festivals of music or major parties in the different neighbourhoods or visiting the costa brava from Barcelona are some of the activities we can plan for this summer. But there are much more!

Here we present 5 things to do in Barcelona in summer.

Enjoying an ice-cream in El Born

El Born is the most bohemian neighbourhood of Barcelona, full of artists and charged with an own and unique personality. Some buildings such as Palau de la Música (the main concert hall of Barcelona) or Santa María del Mar Cathedral make of El Born an unmissable visit while visiting Barcelona.

Additionally, in this charming area we find a wide range of ice-creams and other delicious delights to sweeten our walk through these arty neighbourhood.

So do not hesitate to get lost in the streets of this beautiful area you can enjoy with this great apartment in El Born.

Sónar Barcelona

Sónar was created in 1994 and it is a pioneering cultural event unique in its format and contents. This original festival combines the playful with the artistic, the avant-garde and the experimentation with the new musical currents of the electronics of dance.

Nowadays, Sónar is one of the most known festivals of electronic and experimental music around the world. It is celebrated from June 14th to June 16th and if you like non-commercial electronic music, this is your perfect plan in Barcelona in summer!

Festes de Gràcia

Festes de Gràcia are a traditional celebration whose beginning date from 1817. These celebrations take place from 15th to 21st August and are a wonderful opportunity to live the popular parties in Barcelona in summer.

Festes de Gràcia are one of the best-known neighbourhood festivals of Barcelona and thousands of people visit and enjoy this traditional and cultural event every year.

Visiting Cadaqués

If we want to discover the true Mediterranean charm with lovely villages and astonishing beaches with crystalline waters, we must visit Cadaqués.

It is a traditional fishing village with and unbeatable charm. Famous painters such as Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp or Joan Miró couldn’t help falling in love with Cadaqués. Furthermore, we can visit Salvador Dalí’s house and try to understand a little bit more of the surrealistic Dalí’s world.

Playing volleyball on the beach

The two most famous beaches in Barcelona are Barceloneta and Bogatell, and both are a great place to play volleyball, meet new people and spend a great afternoon.

Every afternoon, people go there and assemble their volleyball nets and mark with lines the limits of the playing field. After that, everything is ready to enjoy a sportive and exciting activity. Let’s play!


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5 things to do in Barcelona in summer
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