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5 things you can’t forget when you go to the beach in Barcelona

The month of August is almost over but it does not mean the high temperatures and warm weather of Barcelona disappears. In fact, the Mediterranean coast still hosts thousands of tourists in September thanks to its wonderful weather and calm waters.

This way, the end of August does not mean the end of beach time. We can take our swimsuit and the towel and walk to Barceloneta beach to sun-bathe and take a refreshing bath in the Mediterranean waters.

Additionally, watching the sunset in the beach is one of the best things to do in Barcelona in summer.

1. Sun protection

Sun is great! It provides light, warm and D vitamin. But it also sends out ultraviolet rays, which are those that produce tanned skins and cellular changes that predispose to cancer.

This way, the use of sun cream is very important not only to prevent burns, but to prevent different types of cancer and premature aging of the skin.

Other weak part of our body we should protect are our eyes. Ultraviolet rays are not only harmful for our skin, but also for our eyes. This is why we should always take our sunglasses with us.

So, when we leave our chic apartment in El Born to walk to Barceloneta beach, we have to remember to take our sun cream and our sunglasses.

2. Portable fridge

We go to the beach with our friends and we are carrying some beers, yummy guacamole and delicious ice creams. So, how can we keep all these fresh and tasty?

Right! A little and portable fridge is the best solution. We can get one in every little shop in the surroundings of the beach.

3. Volleyball equipment

One of the most popular summer sports is volleyball. It is the king of the sports in the beaches of Barcelona. Every afternoon, we can see many people that goes to the beach completely equipped to play and enjoy this amusing sport.

4. Music and a good read

There is nothing like laying on the sand listening your favorite songs or reading an addictive book with the sun and the ocean breeze caressing us. The feeling of calm and relax we get is just incomparable!

This way, the beach is not only a place to play sports and swim, but also a great spot where we can chill and forget our day-to-day worries for some hours.

5. Deck chair

The sand is a good place where we can lay and relax, but not all the beaches are sand-beaches. In the Mediterranean coast there are many stone beaches. These ones are great places to snorkel because waters are clearer than the ones in sand-beaches, but they have a big disadvantage: we can’t easily find a comfortable place to sit or lay. This is why deck chairs are also an essential item when we go to the beach.


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5 things you can’t forget when you go to the beach in Barcelona
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