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5 things to live a Christmas day in Barcelona like a local

The capital of Catalonia usually attracts most visitors during spring and summer. But those  that choose to visit it in December will get to know another, equally spectacular, aspect of this city with these 5 things to live a Christmas Day in Barcelona like a local.

The streets are lighted with hundreds of lights, old shops with wonderfully decorated storefronts make the scenery look like a Dickens fairytale. In squares many markets, firas, are set up with many stalls offering treats, gifts and ornaments. The huge ice rink dominates over Plaça de Catalunya and the city’s highlight is none other than the big nativity scene in Plaça de Sant Jaume.

5 things to enjoy Christmas Day in Barcelona like a local

We concentrated these 5 top things to do on a Christmas day in Barcelona as a local so save this on your calendar to live the experience to the full.

Christmas lights

More than 400 streets are decorated with huge Christmas lights. The most impressive are located along La Rambla, in Portal de l’ Angel and in Passeig de Gràcia.

This year, the famous Torre Agbar of Jean Nouvel will be lighted and shine like a giant Christmas tree.

The ice rink

Also, every year Plaça de Catalunya hosts a giant ice rink that operates each day from 10am until 9pm. Wear your gloves and ice skate on your own or participate in courses taking place there.

Very often, the stores of the nearby Portal de l’ Angel offer discount coupons for the ice rink.

Nativity scene

Furthermore, there is no house in Barcelona that on Christmas day does not have a nativity scene. But the bigger, better and more spectacular is in Plaça de Sant Jaume.

Everybody waits impatiently for its opening every year at the end of November while often there are many surprises. For instance, one year the traditional figures were replaced by figures of street cleaners, firemen and workers.

Fira de Santa Llúcia

The Christmas market of Santa Llúcia around the cathedral is no ordinary fira.

It is dedicated to the Middle Ages and to Catalonian traditions. Besides ornaments and mistletoe, you will find also the characteristic figure of the caganer, the peasant with his pants down that does number 2, a figure that is placed on the edge of every nativity scene in Catalonia.

Another traditional Catalan custom is that of the caga tió, a log with a painted smiley face, feet and a red hat. You will find it in most Catalan houses. It is customary to cover it with a small blanket overnight so as not to catch cold.

Giant Logs

This year, a giant log has been placed in front of Col-legi d’ Arquitectes de Catalunya.

Finally, according to Catalan myths, the Home dels nassos (the man with the noses) is a figure that wonders around town in New Year’s Eve having in his face as many noses as the days of the year left since each day it loses one nose.

Cursa dels Nassos

Every year, during the last day of the year, a 11km race across Barcelona is hosted where everybody can run as a tribute to Home del nassos.

Live a Christmas day in Barcelona

Overall, we believe that Barcelona has attractions to offer during Christmas days. You can choose to find and rent apartments in Barcelona close to Sagrada Familia or close to the cathedral and the Christmas markets.

This way you will be able to enjoy your holidays, live like a local in Barcelona and furthermore make use of all the amenities you will have had in a hotel but with a local touch.

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5 things to live a Christmas day in Barcelona like a local
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