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Accommodation Tips for MWC Barcelona

One of the world’s most significant and important scientific fairs and exhibitions focusing on mobile technologies will take place this year in Barcelona. The famous Mobile World Congress (MWC for short) will begin at the 25th of February and last four days. It will be hosted at the Fira Gran Via venue with a variety of forums, discussions, conferences and workshops already planned. The organizing committee is estimating around 100,000 visitors and exhibitors to participate in this annual event. Many leaders and influencers flock in the city to view the new wonders in the technology field.

Where to stay during the MWC Barcelona 2019?


In similar conferences and fairs, one of the concerns on everybody’s mind is accommodation. In days during the conference the city is always packed. Everyone is looking to book apartments in Barcelona city. Due to low availability during this period, booking early an apartment is something we thoroughly recommend.

The conference venue is located close to the city center and it’s also close to the airport. Plus, it is ideally located nearby various bus stands and metro stations, providing you a variety of accommodation options within a wide range of neighborhoods and still be close to the venue. This way, you will not waste any time going from and to the trade fair and make the most of your stay by exploring the city, its culture, its people and the food.

You can find apartments in every neighborhood when traveling to Barcelona for the congress. You and your colleagues and employees can rent apartments in some of the most famous areas such as the Gothic quarter, El Raval, Eixample and many more. These areas don’t only count with numerous amenities and transport links, but they also offer a huge variety of entertainment options including pubs, tapas bars, local shops and boutiques, cafés, malls, theatres and much more.


Why choose an apartment in Barcelona for your stay during the MWC ‘19?


If you do not wish or can afford a hotel, there are alternatives that you can investigate. Also, many people attending the conference prefer apartments because of the amenities and services provided. Most apartments charge per apartment and not per person and an apartment can easily accommodate up to 8 people can stay in one apartment sharing certain facilities. Additional services such as transfer from and to the airport, free Wi-Fi and extra cleaning provided are greatly appreciated among visitors of the fair.

Additionally, if you, your colleagues or your employees wish to stay for a longer period of time, due to professional or personal reasons, a serviced apartment is available for both, short- and long-term stays.

Also, many apartments have separate spaces where you can set your office and work uninterrupted. Booking an apartment in Barcelona for you, your colleagues and/or your employees is inexpensive and much more comfortable than a hotel.


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Accommodation Tips for MWC Barcelona
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