All Saints in Barcelona

All Saints in Barcelona: traditions and places to visit

In Spain, all Saints is a celebration with lots of tradition and tones on meaning both for religious and lay people. The 1st of November is a day to remember our beloved ones, the ones we share our life with and the ones who left.

The 2nd of November is Deceased Day and dead are supposed to visit us. That’s why on 1st of November we visit the dead.

Every year, there are plenty of activities for both saints and sinners during the night of All Saints in Barcelona. From parties with music and costumes to nocturnal walks through cemeteries.

Here, we collect typical traditions that remain through centuries and other new ways of celebrating All Saints in Barcelona.

Remember the deceased

This is a day with special emotional connotations, because people traditionally remember their beloved ones who left. This way, people visit their familiars’ and friends’ tombs and decorate them with candles and flowers.

It is a special time to remember and feel connected to these people who left and we miss. That is why cemeteries get really crowded from 31st of October to 2nd of November.

All Saints Gastronomy in Barcelona

Despite having a warm and desirable weather, temperatures in Barcelona are cold in November. Therefore, a gastronomic tradition during All Saints in Barcelona (Diada de Tots Sants in Catalan) is eating roasted chestnuts.

Other typical products related to All Saints are sweet potatoes, sweet wine and Panellets, little sweets made of almonds, pine nuts and a drop of lemon.

If you stay in this apartment near Las Ramblas, you can walk through this great avenue to get some of those traditional sweet delicacies and enjoy the environment of the area.

Cultural Cemeteries

Cemeteries are not always scary places where terrible things happen. As opposed to cemeteries starring in terror films, the ones we can find in Barcelona are beautiful and majestic.

These places are even more beautiful in All Saints, because hundreds of flowers and candles decorate their stone tombs and magnificent sculptures and mausoleums. In Poble Nou cemetery, the theater play “Don Juan Tenorio” by the classical playwright José Zorrilla is performed. “Don Juan Tenorio” is performed in many cinemas and theaters around Spain in All Saints.

Furthermore, 1st of November is the only day you can visit both cemeteries, Poble Nou and Montjuïc, during the night. There are free nocturnal routes with characters with period dress who will share with us the history and culture of these cemeteries.

Party time

1st of November is a holiday bank, so the night of 31st of October we can find plenty of different parties in the city.

American tradition of Halloween is also present in Barcelona and that is why we can find many people with all kind of costumes and special make-up.

Port-Aventura, the most visited theme park in Spain, also celebrates Halloween. If we visit the famous them park during these dates, we will find a terrifying decoration and scenarios that make you tremble with fear: zombies, vampires, werewolves… all of them are hided and waiting their moment to attack.


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All Saints in Barcelona: traditions and places to visit
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