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An evening in Via Laietana: leisure & culture in Barcelona

Via Laietana is one of the most iconic streets of Barcelona. It was designed in 1859 with the aim of connecting Ensanche neighborhood and the harbor, but it was not until 1907 that the first building of this historical avenue was built.

The vast majority of edifications built in Via Laietana follow the architectural style known as Chicago School. This way, while we take a walk along Via Laietana we find really vertical buildings where concrete pillars and metallic structures prevail.

With no doubt, this street with a special 19th century charm is an important representation of culture in Barcelona. If you want to enjoy an evening in a cosmopolitan and sophisticated environment, Via Laietana is your place!

Leisure & Culture

Via Laietana is a street full of life and activity. We always find people walking around, no matter the time of the day: locals going to work, tourists enjoying their holidays, teens in their way to school…

Additionally, Via Laietana is a great destination when we look for some souvenir from Barcelona, because we find plenty of little shops with a wide range of souvenirs such as original t-shirts, typical gastronomy products, badges, magnets and so on.

After our stroll, we can enjoy a coffee and a piece of cake in some of the multiple coffee shops we find along the street. Or we can buy some food and come back to our Via Laietana apartment.

One street, three squares

Along Via Laietana we find three beautiful squares: Antoni Maura, Ramón Berenguer and Angel squares.

Next to Antoni Maura square, there is Saint Caterina market, where we can enjoy delicious gastronomic products. The combination of colors and smells in this spot make it a totally recommended visit.

Just a few meters away, in Ramón Berenguer square we can time-travel thanks to the impressive Roman wall, a remain of the defensive structure from medieval times. Those Roman remains were precisely find while Via Laietana was being built. Workers were digging when they found this architectural treasure by chance.

Finally, in Angel square we find the jewel of the crown: Barcelona’s Cathedral. This beautiful gothic construction will totally astonish you. It is one of the best examples of gothic culture in Barcelona, where this architectural style is especially present. Curiously, in the cloister placed inside the cathedral there live thirteen gooses.

Party in Via Laietana

During the celebration of the Barcelona’s major party (La Mercé), Via Laietana becomes a place full of lights, music and fire.

There are typical parades where a group of people gets dressed as devils and dragons and light fireworks all around while another group plays drum music. This is a great party where music and fire get together, but if you are planning to go you better get proper clothes in order to avoid getting burnt.

There are also human-towers competitions, parades with giants and big-heads and many other celebrations related to tradition and culture in Barcelona.

A revolutionary avenue

Via Laietana is a beautiful street with well-off style, but when people demonstrate against injustices and fight for their rights, it becomes in a revolutionary spot.

Many demonstrations take place in Via Laietana, so this historical avenue has witnessed the evolution of human rights and culture in Barcelona.

Now we know that Via Laietana is a perfect option to spend our afternoons, either doing some shopping, tourism or just walking along and enjoying its beauty and cultural attractions.


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An evening in Via Laietana: leisure & culture in Barcelona
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