Andorra, the small country

Andorra, the small country

There’s nothing we like more as travelers than covering as many countries as possible in our trips. This is the reason why we approach to cross to another country every time we feel close to the border of a new country, as we love to enlarge the list of the countries we have visited.

The satisfaction is double when the country hides beautiful treasures and surprising places. This applies to Andorra, a small country hidden between the Pyrenees and that you can visit in just two and half hours from Barcelona.

Andorra, the small country

An oasis in the mountains

Who comes to Andorra feels that the stress disappears around him. Andorra is a paradise between mountains, lush forests and stone houses. Its habitants give you a calm impossible to find in the cities, and the landscapes are all absolutely immense and infinite.

Andorra collects all the “greatest hits” of the Pyrenees’ landscapes. Surrounded by craggy peaks, very green valleys, pines, rivers and glaciers of great value, its peak is located in the Valley of Madriu-Perafita-Claror, such a beautiful valley with a great scenic value, which is included within the World Heritage sites declared by UNESCO since 2004.

An escape from the stress

Who comes to Andorra doesn’t just enjoy the mountain atmosphere, who comes to Andorra also escapes from the routine, stress and the fast paced life.

In Andorra you’ll never see traffic jams, everything is very calm and this small country has been able to exploit it, creating a whole resort to rest: hot springs and spas are a model of very well exploited tourism in Andorra. Throughout the whole country we can find a lot of these spas, which even allow enjoying spectacular views of the mountains from the thermal pools or Jacuzzis.

This tourism model has its epicenter in Caldea, a spa center with large capacity that treats the issue of relaxation and rest as if it were a theme park.

Andorra, the small country

A little bit of adrenaline

But at the same time as we rest we can also find other things to do in Andorra. Actually we can have our dose of adrenaline with the multitude of winter sports that can be performed in this small country, whose great facilities turned the capital, Andorra la Vella, into a candidate to host the 2010 Winter Games.

A great shopping center

Andorra is also known for its commerce. Low taxes and fees allow us to save a lot of money in a shopping evening, especially if we are looking for technology, tobacco, perfumes, cognac and other alcoholic drinks.

It is for this reason that it’s an important focus for shopping tourism, as usually mountain tourism resorts are a bit expensive, but in Andorra you can amortize it by saving money in your purchases. Moreover, these products offer a very good quality.

In conclusion: relax, mountain tourism and leisure. Andorra is a real break for the mind just two and a half hours away from Barcelona.


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Andorra, the small country
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