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Another festive week with Festes de Sants

Last week we talked about Festes de Gracia, one of the most beautiful traditional street festivals in Barcelona. For this week, streets of Gracia are decorated with handcrafted decorations made by the own neighbours of the area.

Well, Festes de Sants follow the same modus operandi. As we see, August is a month full of traditional street festivals in Barcelona. Just one week after Festes de Gracia, we have Festes de Sants waiting for us to live an incredible time. So, do not hesitate to visit Sants neighbourhood during this amazing celebration because it is one of the best plans to enjoy Barcelona in family or with friends.

A bit of history about Festes de Sants

Festes de Sants started to be celebrated on the middle of 20th Century, when this area was not part of the Catalan capital, but an independent small village. With the passage of time, this tradition almost got lost, but in 1985 the neighbourhood made a special effort to preserve and foster this cultural event. Since then, streets of Sants neighbourhood are beautifully decorated during this celebration and some Catalan traditions such as correfocs, gegants i capgrossos or castellers are part of this festival.

Sants neighbourhood is an area located in the southern part of Barcelona. Some years ago, Sants was an industrial town on the plain bordering Barcelona. Nowadays, this neighbourhood of Barcelona is bordered by the districts of Eixample to the northeast, Les Corts to the northwest, and by the municipality of l’Hospitalet de Llobregat to the south.

You can easily visit this amazing neighbourhood from your apartment in Eixample district.

What can we do in Festes de Sants?

One of the most waited events of Festes de Sants are musical concerts. This year, we will be able to enjoy live music of artists such as Himalaya, Animal, Impuls, Please Wait, Resiliencia, Frida Sound System, Tesa or El Diluvi.

Additionally, children are important guests in this traditional street festival. This way, there are also different competitions of varied sports, workshops specially thought for children, street games such as gymkhanas or water balloons fights, dances and drawing contests.

Partying and eating: 2 pleasures for 1

Festes de Sants in Barcelona are a great opportunity to discover not only Catalan traditions, but also Catalan traditional gastronomy.

This way, we can go to the sardinada, where people meet and eat sardines. We can also discover botifarras (typical Catalan sausages) in the botifarrada. There are also culinary competitions to find the best Spanish omelette or the best allioli (a yummy sauce made of garlic and oil). And of course, don’t forget to eat a good fideuà (a different kind of paella made of thin noddles), you won’t regret it!


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Another festive week with Festes de Sants
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