April Fair

April Fair: a piece of Seville in the tradition of Barcelona

Every year, during the last week of April and around the first days of May people flock into Barcelona to attend one of the more colorful events in Spain. The April Fair of Catalonia or in Spanish “Feria de abril de Cataluña”, considered to be one of the biggest fairs in Spain during spring, attracts a variety of tourists and people from all over the world, bringing to Barcelona a taste of Seville.

This year it will take place between April the 26th and the 04th of May and as usual it will be held in Parc del Fòrum, the same place that is held for years now. Entrance and admission are free and you can get there very easily via Metro. You can find cheap accommodation nearby and you can rent an apartment in Barcelona close to the fair so you won’t miss out.

History of the April Fair


The fair took place for the first time in 1971. Then, it was organized by immigrants that came to Barcelona from Andalusia as a version of the fair that happened in Seville. Originally, the fair had only four kiosks or in Spanish casetas. Nowadays, the April Fair of Catalonia has approximately fifty, each dedicated to dancing, eating and having fun. From that humble beginning, the fair became quite popular. The organizers estimated that in the fair of 2013 more than 2 million people visited the fair.


 What can I see and do at the April fair?


At the Parc del Fòrum, near the seaside you can find many casetas and tents in a row, each one beautifully decorated and with many colors. Each kiosk is organized by a different organization, either of Andalusian immigrants or of other origins. People from Latin America and Morocco have their own tents and sometimes even politicians. The kiosks are open to everyone and they can come inside to eat, drink and meet people. There is a lot of dancing going on and many performances. Flamenco and sevillanas dancing and singing is at the epicenter those days. Everybody in the fair is dressed with colorful and traditional flamenco dresses or short jackets with boots. People love also to drink Rebujito, a well-known cocktail from Andalusia that contains sherry and other soft drinks. As far as eating is concerned, people consume in large quantities pescaito frito, gazpacho and of course eat tapas.

Parc del Fòrum is located close to many areas in Barcelona where you can rent an apartment to stay with your friends or your assistants. One such area is El Born, where you can find a variety of apartments to rent. You can rent an apartment for 1 or 2 or up to 8 people in locations that are great and will help you enjoy the fair. Las Ramblas, Eixample, near Sagrada Familia, all those areas are close to the beach where the fair takes place. You can travel back and forth so to get the best of both Barcelona as well as the April Fair.


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April Fair: a piece of Seville in the tradition of Barcelona
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