Best museums of Barcelona

Barcelona’s best museums

Barcelona is a city with a strong cultural focus, regarding both the planning of events and the infrastructure. There are about  hundred museums across the city, being one of them, the FC Barcelona (Camp Nou Experience), the most visited in Spain with a total of a million and a half visitors in a year approximately.

Furthermore, Barcelona counts with other highlights of great importance which are considered  major tourist attractions worldwide, including the Picasso Museum and the MNAC (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya). We detail below more information about these and many other museums which are worth visiting and that gather the cultural essence of the Catalan capital.

Best museums of Barcelona

Camp Nou Experience: pure interactivity

We emphasize this museum as mandatory because we can’t ignore the most visited exhibition hall of Spain. Despite not being an art gallery, it shows the tremendous weight that football and in particular Barça team, has in the city of Barcelona.

The name “experience” fits like a glove, because the visit is not a simple observation of trophies and achievements of the Blaugrana team, but a whole complete experience of the most important team of the city.

On this tour you can visit the press area, the communication stage, the visitors’ locker room.  You can also go out into the field through the tunnel of locker rooms feeling the stadium full of people cheering. That is, a theme park all about football in general and about Barcelona in particular.

Barcelona’s best museums

MNAC: a complete summary of centuries of art

It is a pleasure to visit the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC is its acronym in Catalan) even if we do not access it directly. Located across the top of the main access to Montjuic, its beautiful and palatial forms are flanked by huge waterfalls fountains culminating in the famous “Font Màgica”.

Once inside the beauty overwhelms the visitor. Centuries of art are summarized in different exhibition rooms arranged chronologically, where it is important to remark the room dedicated to the beautiful murals that decorated (and still decorate) many Romanesque churches spread in the Catalan pre-Pyrenean and Pyrenean area.

After visiting the MNAC, we are very close to other museums that make a perfect circuit for the tourist around  Montjuïc and which are also highly recommended, as the Museu Joan Miró,  the Ethnographic museum, Samaranch (in honor of President of the IOC who brought the Olympics Games to the city and that interactively review the world of sport) and the Castell de Montjuïc, which gives the tourist the opportunity to visit the courtyard of the castle and stroll along the battlements with spectacular views of the Mediterranean.

Barcelona’s best museums

Museu Picasso: made in Barcelona

In a beautiful palatial building in the emblematic Born district, close to the Parc de la Ciutadella, the tourist finds a beautiful stone building, the Museo Picasso. The stone old building creates a great contrast with the works of the excellent surrealist painter from Malaga.

Despite his Andalusian origins, Pablo Picasso spent his entire career and global projection in Barcelona, expecting to return the favor to the Mediterranean capital, which has been a source of inspiration for him. That is why he left in the city most of his works, as a gift for Barcelona.

Picasso used his long stay in Barcelona to absorb the Mediterranean atmosphere, as Malagueño and as a lover of the sea, which was embodied in his works, and above all, to hobnob with the Catalan modernism and other geniuses such as the great Salvador Dalí.

Barcelona’s best museums

Other museums with the Barcelona label

The Design Hub (DHUB), MACBA (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art), the CCCB … are some examples of museums which gather the cosmopolitan spirit and the design essence applied to Barcelona.

Other museums like the Archaeological Museum, Cultures of the World Museum, Egyptian, Pre-Columbian Art … are some examples of the interest of Barcelona for culture,  combining the wish to be international and the intention to remember its roots.

Finally, the visitor cannot miss the many original museums such as the Museum of Ideas, which reflect the most disparate sources of inspiration and crazy inventions of the world; the Erotic Museum, which needs no introduction, and the Museum of Marijuana.

In short, Barcelona is an open city, not only to the world but also to knowledge and culture.


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Barcelona’s best museums
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