Barcelona in two days: casa batlló

Barcelona in two days: enjoy the greatest places

Unfortunately, we cannot always enjoy a wonderful city full of spectacular places like Barcelona in the days that we have. To squeeze the full potential of the Catalan capital will need as least one week, but despite the short time available to do it, we can make the most of this jewel of the Mediterranean in just two days. Let us tell you the best places in Barcelona to enjoy the city in only 48 hours.

Getting started: travelling and accommodation

A good planning is the key when we have so little time to enjoy a boundless city like Barcelona. To do this, we must be clear about how to get from the airport to our destination as quickly and comfortably as possible.

And what is our target? A fully equipped and functionally place strategically placed in the city that will avoid commuting and will let us enjoy the environment, as it might be to rent an apartment for days in Sagrada Familia.

The key of a place like that offers a cheaper rate than a hotel without losing its advantages, and an unbeatable situation, we can from the first second imbibe the charm of Barcelona, just five minutes away from the wonder that makes the city famous worldwide.


Barcelona in two days: sights upon arriving in the city

Thanks to its location, just outside our apartment we can admire immediately the great work of the city: the Sagrada Familia. A temple surrounded by beauty in every sense: from the feeling of seeing how they are finishing the construction of one of the last temples of Christianity that can compete in greatness with any cathedral to usher in a world of creativity and great beauty as all buildings of its brilliant architect.

After the mandatory visit in Barcelona, in only five minutes and accessing to it through a pleasant walk, we have a modernist building that also will leave us with open mouth: The Hospital de Sant Pau, one of the architectural beauties competing in genius, originality and attention to detail with the works of Gaudí for taking up the throne of Catalan modernism.

You will have no chance to catch your breath before such a beauty before you arrive to our next stop: excellent union between architecture, nature and incredible views. It is the also world famous Park Güell, where in addition to take a photo of  us with the popular dragon at the entrance, we have a 360° view of the entire city.

Having been able to enjoy the city in all its fullness and in just a few hours, our next stop also has the label of “must” in every tourist guide: it is the popular Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter that surrounds them.

Taking line 3 of the subway at Plaza Lesseps (known as a green line by the color that is indicated), we can move from the Park Guell to the heart of the Ramblas, in front of the Liceu, the Boqueria market and the mosaic of Miró, and then delve by the popular Gothic Quarter to visit the Town Hall, the Palace of the Generalitat and the Cathedral among other gems.

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Barcelona in two days: one day to closure the city

In just 24 hours we have enjoyed the Sagrada Familia, other jewels of Catalan Modernism, the Park Güell, the Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter. The next 24 hours of the tour of the greatest places of Barcelona can be spent in locations of the city that will make you live the city at its fullest. These places are:

  • Paseo de Gracia: half way between the most charming part of Barcelona and the most popular we find this spectacular avenue that not only accommodates the most exclusive shops in the city, but also other modernist gems like the Pedrera, and the most spectacular buildings of the city: the bone of contention.
  • Ciudadela Park: with an “Arc de Triomphe” as an entrance gate, we are headed to one of the most charming parks in the city (and there are many). A park that includes stunning and monumental buildings (the waterfall or the palace of the three dragons), green gardens and a zoo where you can spend a pleasant afternoon.
  • Montjuïc hill: it is a pleasure to get on any of the many hills of Barcelona to give us spectacular views of the city, but if we have to choose one of them and having ruled that shelters the Park Güell, Montjuïc has many ballots to be the winner.


It is regarded as a charming mountain that meets in a unique space where green is the protagonist and offers leisure centers as its castle, the National Palace Museum and the Olympic Ring among other attractions, and it hosts the best plan to close our two unforgettable days in Barcelona: the magic fountain and its show of lights and color where the water goes with the music.

Two days that make the most of the charms of Barcelona, but the city still hides many other treasures to discover, so we invite you to come and enjoy to the fullest the time that you choose, we’ll be waiting for you with open arms!


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Barcelona in two days: enjoy the greatest places
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