Barcelona rooftop bars

Barcelona rooftop bars to see the city from above

During the summer there is no better thing than relaxing with a cocktail or a drink in your hands on a rooftop bar, especially when the weather is very hot. You can listen to great music, enjoy the view from a rooftop and feel the breeze. Visitors and tourists are always searching for the best rooftop bar in the city their visiting.

Barcelona could not be an exception to this. Barcelona rooftop bars abound and most likely you will come across one in every corner. Many of those rooftop bars are in hotels. In their majority, those rooftop bars are open to visitors that are not staying the hotel. In most of the cases, it is not necessary to stay in the hotel to enjoy the view from its rooftop. You can enjoy your drink and the lovely view and then return to your apartment you have rented in Barcelona. We will present you, in this article, with a selection of 4 of the best Barcelona rooftop bars for you to visit.


Barcelona rooftop bars in Hotel Barceló Raval and Mandarin Oriental

The first one and its cylindrical building are captivating. Located at the Rambla del Raval it constitutes one of the top rooftop bars in Barcelona. Its terrace is open even for simple visitors and from there you will enjoy one of the best panoramic views to the Catalan city. From May until October it is open from 9am up until midnight and you can find more information on its website.

The rooftop bar of the Mandarin Oriental is a five star experience in Paseo de Gracia. Even though the prices are not very cheap, your viewing experience over the elegant streets and over the emblematic modernist buildings of Barcelona should be mandatory for special occasions. Situated at the upper part of the Art Déco building that hosts the Mandarin Oriental hotel, the rooftop bar offers magnificent views and sunsets over the city that will stay forever in your memory.


Barcelona rooftop bars in Gallery Hotel and Hotel The Serras

Another two hotels that are famous for their rooftop bars. The terrace of the Gallery Hotel is an ideal point to meet with your friends or simply to relax high in the heart of Barcelona. Its relaxing atmosphere is transformed as the day and the night pass. It is perfect if you are looking for tranquility or for another activity in Barcelona. It offers many and various activities: live music, Latin dances, yoga, tastings and many more providing you with all the more motive to come again.

Lastly, the new terrace El Sueño de Picasso (the dream of Picasso, that is) of the Hotel The Serras has been selected in 2017 as one of the best 25 rooftops worldwide by the Premios Travellers, making it the only one in Spain to hold this title. This is motive on its own to visit it.

All those terraces you can visit them without staying on those hotels. You can rent an apartment in Barcelona close to Raval for example and have an opportunity to live life as a local while enjoying all the amenities of a hotel and many more.


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Barcelona rooftop bars to see the city from above
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