Barcelona for shopping lovers

Barcelona, a paradise for shopping lovers

We can say that a city is rich in plans and activities when it doesn’t let you have one free day to rest. In Barcelona you can spend days just visiting museums, enjoying the theaters, going to concerts, walking through the many neighborhoods and still keep on discovering new corners every time, but you can also spend days and days shopping in Barcelona: a real paradise for shopping lovers.

The Barcelona brand

Barcelona is a great city for shopping. Not only because it has many shopping centers and other places for it, but because what you buy in Barcelona has a special personality that can not be found anywhere else: the Barcelona brand.

Barcelona, as the capital of design and modernity, knows how to shape in each object, each product, part of the personality that makes it famous as a city. Brands like Desigual and Custo Barcelona are globally recognizable and nobody doubts that the designs and shapes of each garment wouldn’t be possible if they were conceived in another city.

Barcelona is a paradise for shopping lovers

First category malls

Every mall in Barcelona (and there are many) has its own personality. A shopping center in Barcelona escapes from the conventional idea of a mall, as it doesn’t only focus on concentrating a group of shops.. Barcelona’s malls are spaces designed so that buyers enjoy the time they spend in there, taking care of each detail that make these spaces unique.

From the architectural perfection of L’Illa, designed by the renowned architect Ricardo Bofill, to the Arenas at the foot of Montjuïc (a former bullring recently converted to a modern space for leisure) the experience of shopping in Barcelona is much more than spending the money without control.

Market culture

But is not all about modernism and modernity in Barcelona. In this Mediterranean city it’s also very popular the experience of shopping in markets: the feeling of using a traditional market cart and walking from stall to stall looking for the freshest and best priced products.

The famous Boqueria (a must), the mix of tradition and modernity in the Santa Caterina market (also a must: don’t forget to appreciate the colorful roof, just spectacular), but also traditional neighborhood markets such as the Mercat del Ninot, are places that make you live the Barcelona experience in all its senses.

Barcelona is a paradise for shopping lovers

Joining neighborhoods

Barcelona also promotes a shopping area for each neighborhood. Even if Barcelona is great for walking around the luxury and excess stores of Passeig de Gracia, what really comforts the local population are the stores in their neighborhoods.

Commercial areas such as Sants-Creu Coberta (the largest shopping street of Europe), pedestrian streets such as Rogent in Clot or Enric Granados in Eixample Esquerra, popular markets such as Encants in Glóries or Sant Antoni in the neighborhood of the same name, are some examples that show us how in Barcelona, when we talk about shopping and popular culture, there is much more to see than just the Ramblas.

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Barcelona, a paradise for shopping lovers
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