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Best places to stroll around Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is probably one of the most famous buildings not only in Barcelona, but also in the world. Designed by Antonio Gaudí, this huge basilica is still under construction and it’s expected to be finished in 2026: the centenary of Gaudi’s death.

Every year, this monument is visited by more than 4 million tourists and, probably, most of them are so excited with Sagrada Familia and forget that around this temple there’s a wonderful neighbourhood to discover. We’re talking about Sagrada Familia neighbourhood.

In this post, we’ll talk about beautiful places you can discover while you stroll around Sagrada Familia.

Sagrada Familia Crypt

For this visit, we won’t have to take a long walk. If we’re in Sagrada Familia, our next destination is under our feet.

Sagrada Familia’s crypt is located beneath the apse and, as many others Gaudí’s works, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The crypt is the chapel of the neighbourhood and every day two masses are celebrated there, one in the morning and one in the evening. The entrance is free during hours of worship, so we can visit it with the proper respect.

While visiting Sagrada Familia’s crypt, don’t forget to watch Antonio Gaudí’s tomb. Yes! You’ve heard right! His tomb is in the underground level of his masterpiece.

Gaudí’s Avenue

This diagonal avenue connects two of the most iconic modernistic buildings of Barcelona: Sagrada Familia and Sant Pau Hospital. Along the whole avenue, we can find decoration elements such as lampposts, sculptures and a fountain where modernistic style and influence is clearly noticeable.

Gaudí’s Avenue has a 9-meters wide pedestrian walk in its centre, so we can stroll and relax with no worries about cars or motorbikes. Additionally, this street counts with many restaurants, pubs, ice-cream shops, and so on.

For all those reasons, Gaudí’s Avenue is a perfect place to stroll around Sagrada Familia that you can reach in just 5 minutes from this design studio in Sicily street.

Sant Pau Hospital

At the end of Gaudí’s Avenue we find one of the modernistic jewels of Barcelona designed by Lluís Domènech. This modernistic architectural construction, together with Palau de la Música Catalana, is also identified as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sant Pau Hospital a complex of 19 pavilions, all of them decorated with different sculptures, paintings and mosaics. It received its name from the banker Pau Gil, who paid the more recent buildings in 1920.

The main pavilion was built with caravista bricks and, with its Germanic clock tower, is ones of the most beautiful modernistic constructions of the city.

La Monumental

If we walk just 10 minutes from Sagrada Familia, we’ll find a colourful bull ring named La Monumental.

Unfortunately for all bull fighting lovers, since 2010 bull fighting was abolished in Barcelona. Nowadays, this building with Byzantine and New-Mudejar architectural style is the bull-fighting museum of Barcelona. There, we can find famous bullfighters’ suits, historical posters and even the heads of the most celebrated bulls.

La Monumental has been also scenario of great concerts. Many cult singers and bands have played their songs in this unique construction. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or Bob Marley are some of these legends.


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Best places to stroll around Sagrada Familia
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