plans to enjoy Montjuïc

Best plans to enjoy Montjuïc

Barcelona is worldly known by its Mediterranean beaches and its cosmopolitan architecture. But the Catalan capital is much more than that. In fact, one of the most beautiful things of this city is the combination of sea and mountain in the same area. You heard right! You can visit the hills of Barcelona without leaving the city.

Among the hills of Barcelona, there’s one that you probably already know: Montjuïc. One of its sides is located just next to the sea, while the other one is next to Plaza España, a beautiful square where you can find a shopping centre built in an old bullring, a great classic fountain and two big towers inspired by St. Marco’s Tower in Venice.

In the next paragraphs, we’ll talk about the best plans to enjoy Montjuïc.

Magical Fountain

When you walk between the two Venetian towers, you’ll see a big avenue surrounded by huge buildings and classical stairs driving to the magnificent National Palace at its end.

Just in front of this palace, there’s a group of fountains, ponds and waterfalls called Magical Fountain. This beautiful water spectacle is even better on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays; when there are water shows together with lights and music that create a magical atmosphere and will make of your visit to Montjuïc an unforgettable experience.

If you rent an apartment in Las Ramblas, you can easily reach this beautiful fountain with metro or bus.

The hill of museums

If you are a museum-lover, Montjuïc is your place to be. This hill counts with some of the most important museums of the city: wonderful art collections located in astonishing buildings. Montjuïc gathers a great combination of classic and modern art and architecture.

Visiting the National Art Museum of Cataluña (located in a classic Renaissance palace built in 1929), Miró Foundation with the best works of this unique artist, CaixaForum, Ethnologic Museum of Barcelona or Archeological Museum are great plans to enjoy Montjuïc and all its cultural opportunities.

The hill of sports

Montjuïc was the central hub of Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games. For sure know about this magical moment with the archer lighting the torch in the Lluis Companys Olympic Stadium. Well, you can find this stadium in Montjuïc.

But the Olympic Stadium in not the only sportive installation in Montjuïc. You can also find athletics tracks, baseball, rugby, football, tennis and archery fields, several swimming pools, and so on.

Additionally, from 1969 to 1975 there were F1 races along this hill in the known as Montjuïc Circuit.

Montjuïc Castle

At the top of the mountain, there’s a fortress built in 1751 to control the boats that sail close to the city and to avoid naval attacks.

During the Civil War in 1936 and the next dictatorship years, this castle was a prison where opponents to this regime where locked up and executed.

Nowadays, the castle is scenario of cultural activities such as open-air cinema, concerts or art exhibitions. Additionally, the views of Barcelona skyline from the castle are breath-taking.

 The hill of Nature

Montjuïc park if full of vegetation and green areas to stroll by and have a relaxed time far from the crowd and noise of the city.

Furthermore, Barcelona Historical Botanic Garden is located just behind the National Art Museum of Cataluña. Here, you can find the tallest trees of Barcelona and hundreds of different vegetal species.

In a sunny day, strolling by Montjuïc green areas and Historical Botanic Garden are with no doubt the best plans to enjoy Montjuïc.


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Best plans to enjoy Montjuïc
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