Black Friday in Barcelona

Black Friday in Barcelona: everything you should know

Black Friday is a new tradition with more and more followers outside the United States, where it was born.

Thus, the third Friday of every November all the stores around the world offer irresistible discounts in their products. These offers that can even be enjoyed during the whole week of Black Friday.

The Mediterranean capital, for sure, won’t miss this important shopping day. Where can we enjoy Black Friday in Barcelona?

Black Friday: a tradition beyond borders

The same as other celebrations such as Halloween, it is increasingly common that, when enjoying a party we don’t care about borders and it becomes global.

In the case of Black Friday it is a tradition that emerged in the United States in the 1960s, in response to the merchants at the beginning of the Christmas shopping period, the one with the highest profits.

But why would they want to lower their prices just before such an important period? Because this way, they could sell all the old stock that had not been sold throughout the year. In addition, it was used to increase the volume of sales in a day when there were hardly any purchases, the day after Thanksgiving.

The reason why it is called Black Friday refers to the number of “black cars” that circulated that day in Philadelphia (where the tradition originated) and that corresponded to the bourgeois elite who left the houses after celebrating Thanksgiving.

There is a second acceptance about the origin of the name that is strongly related to the moment when merchants’ accounts start to go from red (losses) to black (profits).

Where celebrating Brack Friday in Barcelona

If you have an apartment for rent in Muntaner you are lucky, since you will be located in the epicenter of shopping in Barcelona. In fact, around the streets that surround Plaza Catalunya we find the best-known fashion stores, highlighting the luxury shops from Paseo de Gracia.

Black Friday is therefore the perfect day to buy yourself that expensive caprice that at another time you think you can not afford. Brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Cartier are waiting for you.

If you think that spending half of your salary on a watch is too much, in the area of ​​Las Ramblas and in Plaza Catalunya you will find shops and renowned establishments with more popular prices. There, you can also enjoy great discounts during Black Friday in Barcelona.

Finally, we should not forget Barcelona’s neighborhoods, ​​where the small business also celebrate Black Friday and you can enjoy great deals in traditional shops.

Perfumeries, bookstores, decoration stores, crafts … A lot of possibilities to buy what we desire at unbeatable prices are waiting for you from your apartment in Eixample, or in other neighborhoods such as Sants, Gràcia or Poble Sec. There you can not only enjoy an unforgettable shopping day in Barcelona, but also discover places full of charm.

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Black Friday in Barcelona: everything you should know
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