Catalan cuisine

Catalan cuisine: something to be proud of

Barcelona has many things to boast about: monuments, culture, a full schedule of activities… but among all of them undoubtedly its rich cuisine highlights.

The Catalan cuisine is characterized by a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, respecting all the principles of the Mediterranean diet (which has such an importance that was declared World Intangible Heritage) but without losing sight of new trends. New trends that have the origin in Catalonia.

Cradle of the best cooks

Catalonia is full of Michelin stars, but this isn’t the only thing that turns it into the most important region in terms of cuisine: Catalonia has been home for years of the best chefs and restaurants in the world. A complete reference.

While a few years ago New York city was the guide in dining trends, currently the best chef in the world is catalan: Ferran Adriá, and not only that, the best restaurant is also catalan: El Celler de Can Roca. Best chef and best restaurant are two reasonable reasons to shine in the world of cuisine. Today Catalonia has no rival.

A world of culinary sensations

Thanks not only to the great Ferran Adria, but to all the culinary schools that have flourished thanks to its unmistakable style throughout Catalonia, today we can say that the vanguard of world cuisine is within the Catalan borders, a place where tradition and innovation provide a rich gastronomic offer.

Undoubtedly, Barcelona isn’t a city to eat just sandwiches. It’s mandatory to, at least once, enjoy a good restaurant: choosing between traditional or innovative will be your decision.

Catalan cuisine

Not only the vanguard lives in Catalonia

The same way that architecturally Gothic and contemporary styles coexist together in Barcelona, the same happens with traditional and innovative cuisine.

The famous “calçots”, the “escalibada” (aubergine), the “cargols a la llauna” (stewed snails), the powerful “escudella”, “galets” soup, stir-fry with mushrooms, the “mel i mató”, the “empedrat”, the “esqueixada” etc. They are just some examples of the exquisite dishes that have survived over time and feeding generations. Delights of nowadays.

Try the culinary experience in Barcelona

Talking about the excellent reputation and the major components of Catalan cuisine isn’t enough, where can I try it?

Barcelona has a variety of restaurants for all tastes: from the most luxurious ones like L’Abac, owned by Jordi Cruz who became famous thanks to the Masterchef TV Show, to the more affordable but not worse local and familiar restaurants.

And that’s where we recommend going if you are on a tight budget: Nothing like the homemade food and the seaside atmosphere that you can find in many hidden corners of Barceloneta and Poblenou.

Catalan cuisine

Avoid standards

Anyway, you can also find good restaurants in the center. But it’s always advisable to run away from the most crowded areas of tourism: Ramblas and Joan de Borbó avenue are forbidden if we want to taste authentic and artisan food.

In case you are staying in an apartment, a good option is to purchase products that give fame to the Catalan cuisine and cooking them in the apartment. And if you are too lazy to cook, you can find them vacuum packed or to take away in excellent markets like the Boqueria and Santa Caterina among others (buying in a supermarket is also forbidden).


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Catalan cuisine: something to be proud of
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