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Are you a fan of Barcelona architectura? If you want to discover the secrets of the architecture of the city of Barcelona, this is your place. We recommend places, buildings, monuments and architectural secrets of Barcelona to enjoy the most of your stay in the city.

pedralbes neighbouhood

Discover Pedralbes, the most majestic neighbourhood

Gothic Quarter, El Born or El Raval are some of the most famous neighbourhoods of Barcelona. They are located in the centre of the city and day after day their streets are visited by a large number of tourists.

Barcelona’s Cathedral, St. Jaume square, Boqueria market, the Ramblas and a wide range of beautiful examples of modernism in Barcelona are always part of the list of places to visit while walking around the Catalan capital, but they are not the only ones.

Located in the upper side of the city, Pedralbes neighbourhood is an elegant and gorgeous area where we find some astonishing hided architectural jewels.

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wonders of Gaudí

Mysteries and secret wonders of Gaudí

For sure, we all know the figure of Antoni Gaudí, Catalan architect who designed some of the most incredible buildings of Barcelona. He is the most representative architect of Modernistic style, and his works completely broke the style of his epoch and presented a new way to understand not only architecture, but also art and culture.

Gaudí style was totally influenced by nature. He observed, analyzed and studied nature to understand how the world is built and use those patterns to design his buildings. This is perfectly understandable when we read again one of his most famous statements: “originality consists in returning to the origin”.

So, if you are visiting the Catalan capital, don’t hesitate to follow the steps not only of Gaudí, but also other geniuses such as Dalí and Picasso in Barcelona.

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medieval Barcelona

Gothic: discover medieval Barcelona

Nowadays, Barcelona is worldly known as a cosmopolitan city with the characteristic Mediterranean charm. But, many years ago, the environment of the Condal city was really different. In 9th Century, Barcelona was the heart of Mediterranean commerce thanks to the power of Charlemagne. During this time, many gothic buildings that we can still visit in one of the most famous neighborhoods in Barcelona: Gothic neighborhood.

This area also keeps the best secret places of Barcelona. So, let’s discover medieval Barcelona walking along the beautiful narrow streets of this amazing place. Continue reading Gothic: discover medieval Barcelona

barcelona contemporary

Modern vs. Modernism: the contemporary Barcelona

Barcelona is a city of contrasts. Mountain and beach, tradition and the newest trends, local atmosphere in an international environment. All these elements live together in the famous Condal City.

Art and architecture, of course, are not an exception of this great cultural and technological mix that makes of Barcelona one of the most visited touristic destinations of the world. This way, we can find gothic buildings, modernistic jewels and contemporary art coexisting together in the same neighbourhood. Continue reading Modern vs. Modernism: the contemporary Barcelona

Montbau neighbourhood forms part of the unusual architecture of Barcelona

48h Open House Festival: the unusual architecture of Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the world´s capitals of architecture par excellence. Its skyline, that is composed by works perfectly combined in classic and contemporary style through the best examples of world modernism, makes the Catalonian capital a reference for architects but, what can we find beyond the footsteps of Gaudi, beyond the jewels of modernism and contemporary examples like the Agbar tower? Which of the best hidden buildings in Barcelona worth a visit?

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La Pedrera: an icon of Barcelona for architects

Barcelona for architects. Buildings that inspire

How to define a city as “architectural”? Certainly this must be one that offers different styles, different point of views and personal designs which provide a unique personality that is not only subscribed to a stream, but that becomes into a  world reference of the architecture. This is the case of Barcelona, but…why?

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Sagrada Familia Neighbourhood is so much more than Gaudí

Sagrada Familia neighbourhood: surviving Gaudi

The neighbourhood of the Sagrada Familia is a charming place in Barcelona which has the great privilege of coexisting with the most famous (and most visited) temple of Spain. This privilege has also something of a curse: there are millions of tourists who move to this area of Barcelona just to see the wonderful Gaudí’s masterpiece and do not enjoy the atmosphere which is much more than the Sagrada Familia. What to look beyond the famous temple?

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Gems of Eixample

5 architectural gems in Eixample

The Eixample, despite being a typical residential neighborhood, contains authentic gems and palaces that became a collection of the most pure modernist essence. As a typical residential district of the bourgeoisie and in a privileged location between the old town and the village the district of Gràcia has been the testing ground for most renowned Barcelona architects and modernist artists. This fact is easily observable in the facades, which also save many examples of later interventions. Going for a walk in the Eixample is like being in an open-air museum.

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Barcelona capital of modernism

Barcelona Capital of Modernism

There are cities whose charm is built in one certain period, and that period was the one that gives them the fame even if they have developed other styles. Thus, as much as can be retrofitted and modernize, the charm of Athens will always be the classical Greek era, the charm of Rome will always be the Roman Empire era, talking about Madrid the Hapsburg era… and in the case of Barcelona, despite all kinds of Mediterranean nations and different architectural styles coexist, is the modernism the most famous architectural style in the Catalan capital.

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