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traditional Christmas Markets Barcelona

Visiting traditional Christmas Markets in Barcelona

Many people, when they think about Christmas destinations, they envision snow and cold weather, an image closer to Central Europe. However, if you choose to visit Barcelona during the Christmas period, you will discover many activities as visit the traditional Christmas Markets of Barcelona.

The local Christmas markets have many sights and activities around them to offer. The ramblas, the squares and the narrow streets are all filled with Christmas markets. You can eat, stroll and shop for ornaments and presents in a friendly and Christmassy atmosphere.

Traditional Christmas Markets in Barcelona

We will present you some of the best traditional Christmas markets so you can enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Fira de Santa Llúcia and Fira at the Sagrada Familia

If you haven’t realized it until now, fira is another word for Christmas market.

One of the best and most well-known Barcelona Christmas market is the one located in front of the magnificent Barcelona Cathedral. It dates back to the 18th century and it contains hundreds of stalls where you can shop for your ornaments, your Christmas tree, for mistletoe and decorations.

Kids will love the caga tió that you will find in many stalls. It is a log with a painted smiley face, red hat and two legs. According to tradition, children keep it at home and caring for it like a pet.

A giant log is usually set in this Christmas market that offers presents to children when they hit it with sticks.

Additionally, if you want to combine a Barcelona Christmas market with a visit to one of the greatest sights of the city, that of the Sagrada Familia, you can. T

here is a Christmas market around the gardens outside of the Sagrada Familia. It has many stalls offering a huge variety of traditional products, just like the one in Santa Llúcia even though this one is smaller. But its location, in the foot of the Sagrada Familia, provides for a spectacular setting and you can easily combine it with a visit to the building.

Fira de Brocanters and Fira del Col.lectiu d’Artesans d’Alimentació

Those two Barcelona Christmas markets are smaller and overlooked by many during the Christmas period. But we believe that they have many things to offer and are a must during your visit to Barcelona.

The first one, an antique market, is located close to the Plaça de Catalunya. It is a small one and contains stalls selling antiques, jewellery and many other collector items. It is usually busy during that time of the year but if you search closely you might find something affordable.

Furthermore, near the square close to the Church of Santa Maria del Pi there is also another market which is crowded during Christmas. The stalls there sell honey, chocolate, herbs, cakes and food in general. The atmosphere is friendly and the prices are affordable, even during high season.

Enjoy the traditional Christmas Markets in Barcelona with AinB

Generally speaking, Barcelona might not have the standard “Christmas weather” but has nothing to be afraid of when it comes to Christmas market.

There is a plethora of markets spread around the city. While booking your trip to Barcelona, we highly suggest looking for apartments for rent in Barcelona, either close to Sagrada Familia or in Eixample and many more places.

You will be close to all the markets and you will be able to enjoy Christmas in Barcelona like a local while lavishing in all the amenities that a hotel would not have been able to offer.

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Family holidays in Barcelona

How to plan the best family holidays in Barcelona this summer

Every time you go on holidays with your family, you are definitely aware that a considerable amount of planning is required. Proper accommodation (like an apartment that can fit all of you together) along with fun activities so as children do not get bored need to be planned ahead.

The same applies for Barcelona. If you are planning family holidays in Barcelona, the jewel of Catalonia, then you need to pay extra attention to some things. This article is meant to assist you plan and find fun activities for the children to do.

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Barcelona rooftop bars

Barcelona rooftop bars to see the city from above

During the summer there is no better thing than relaxing with a cocktail or a drink in your hands on a rooftop bar, especially when the weather is very hot. You can listen to great music, enjoy the view from a rooftop and feel the breeze. Visitors and tourists are always searching for the best rooftop bar in the city their visiting.

Barcelona could not be an exception to this. Barcelona rooftop bars abound and most likely you will come across one in every corner. Many of those rooftop bars are in hotels. In their majority, those rooftop bars are open to visitors that are not staying the hotel. In most of the cases, it is not necessary to stay in the hotel to enjoy the view from its rooftop. You can enjoy your drink and the lovely view and then return to your apartment you have rented in Barcelona. We will present you, in this article, with a selection of 4 of the best Barcelona rooftop bars for you to visit.


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Five tips to live an open-air film festival in Barcelona during summer

There are various reasons why people prefer and visit Barcelona all year long. Some do it for the rich culture and history, the architecture, the museums. Others for the food, the ramblas, the beaches and the vibrant people and atmosphere.

Barcelona is a touristic attraction for all seasons. The truth is whenever you choose to visit the jewel of Catalonia, there are always things to see, visit and experience and you will never feel bored. There are, though, certain aficionados that believe that Barcelona is better during the summer. One of the reasons that they do so is the many open-air films festivals in Barcelona. You can find, during the summer months, many different open-air locations where movies are shown. The most famous is the one at the Castle of Montjuïc. Also, the ones that take place in the courtyard of the CCCB and sometimes on the beach of Barceloneta are also known. In this article we will present you with 5 basic tips for you to enjoy a film festival.

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Enjoy Barcelona for free: free special things to do in the city

Barcelona is considered by many visitors as a remarkable city. Millions of people flock into it every month to get a taste of the food, the architecture, the history, the beaches, the ramblas and the atmosphere. No matter what you are into, one thing is for sure: you will find it in Barcelona.

Additionally, most people when they are planning their vacation somewhere, they place huge emphasis on the money side of things. From tickets to accommodation to activities and admission fees, money is a very important aspect of everyone’s planning. And this is why most of the cities make sure to provide free activities and things for a tourist to do on a budget. In this article we will provide you with some of the best free things to do in the city during your visit. Barcelona for free is possible!

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Hidden beaches around Barcelona

Best unique and hidden beaches around Barcelona

Is it summer already and are you stuck in front of a computer trying to figure out your holidays? The months before summer holidays everyone is puzzled about where they should go, what they will do there and what is the best location that combines everything. Well, many have already found the answer to that.

Over and over again they choose Barcelona for their summer holidays. This unique city combines a vibrant atmosphere with great history, architecture, buildings and art along with lively people, tapas and ramblas. And for those that are fans of the beach, Barcelona has many unique and hidden beaches that you can go for a swim. We will present you in this article with some of the best for your enjoyment. Many of those are just out of Barcelona so they are ideal for a day trip. We will provide you with any information you might need about getting and staying there so you do not miss out.

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Sports to play in Barcelona in summer

Sports to play in Barcelona in summer

Many people are planning to visit Barcelona during the summer. This time many tourists from all over Europe and the world flock into the city to experience the rich history, the architecture, the food, the people, the plazas, the beach and its vibrant atmosphere. Many people, though, when visiting a city, are very interested and want to play some sports. You will not be surprised to find that, when it comes to that, Barcelona has many opportunities to offer.

From hiking to cycling and to jogging on the beach, if you want to play a sport in Barcelona, chances are that you will find it there.

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Sant Joan in Barcelona

Sant Joan in Barcelona: a party to welcome the summer

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia is well known all around the world for many things. Tourists from all over Europe but also from abroad flock into the city to enjoy the architecture and the history, the beaches, the food, las ramblas, the museums, the weather and the outgoing people. But besides all those great things, Barcelona has many other things to offer. Every year there are many events that attract the attention of locals and tourists alike. Many visit Barcelona specifically during the time of those events that give to the city a different attitude altogether.

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What to do in Barcelona in June

What to do in Barcelona in June?

Barcelona is a city that many love to visit fanatically all year long. It is always vibrant and full with people and festivities and many things to do regardless of the period you decide to visit. There are always many things to see, do, visit, always great people to meet and great food to taste. Many corners and neighborhoods to explore and see.

If you are planning your trip in Barcelona in June, we have some great suggestions for you. And of course, after booking your tickets, you need to search for the appropriate accommodation and to rent an apartment in Barcelona. Renting an apartment is a great choice for your friends and family and you will get to experience life like a local, taste all the comforts of a hotel and many more while having an independent space for yourself.

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A perfect trip to Barcelona

How to plan your perfect trip to Barcelona

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you want to plan the perfect trip to Barcelona but you have no idea what to see, what to do and where to find tourist information? Or you always dreamt of visiting this exquisite city of Spain but you are lost in the information available online?

Here you will find a quick guide about the places to visit, the things to do, where to get tourist information as well as how to find the best accommodation and rent an apartment.

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