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Discover the best plans and things to do in Barcelona to enjoy your stay.

travelling to Barcelona in May

Why travelling to Barcelona in May?

Barcelona is a metropolitan, great and vibrant city that has always something to offer you. People visit it all year round and are left with the best of impressions. The history, the architecture, the people, the sights, the natural reserves, the Ramblas, the food, the tapas, the neighborhoods, the parties, the people, the festivals and the fairs, all those are reasons people prefer Barcelona as their traveling destination. During spring, winter, autumn and summer with its beaches and extrovert people, Barcelona is always fun and interesting to be at.

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Barcelona nature: Collserola Park

Best nature reserves to enjoy nature in Barcelona

Many people when preparing to visit Barcelona they have various things in mind. The architecture, the beach, the people, the parties, the tapas and the rich history. But few actually know that in this great city of Spain there are many other things to do and enjoy.

Barcelona, actually, has many nature reserves and many parks to visit. There you can exercise, go for a walk, a hike or a jog, gather some friends and have a picnic or just breathe some fresh air while having a great view of the city at the same time. So, if you are looking to rent an apartment in Barcelona for your stay, there are many options and areas that can allow you to visit some of the cities best nature reserves.

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Mountains of Barcelona

Climbing in the mountains of Barcelona: connect with nature

While many associate a good time in the Catalan capital with the city, did you know how popular the mountains of Barcelona are?

The beauty of nature is all around us, as is the impressive architecture of man. However, few locations can match the booming, stand-out and truly beautiful mountains of Barcelona. If you come to the city and feel like you could maybe use a short detour to make the most of nature, then you should absolutely look to do so. Where, though, should your journey through nature begin here?

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Running in Barcelona: running couple jogging Barcelona Beach Barceloneta

Running in Barcelona: where can we jog?

Jogging nowadays is an integral part of many people’s routine. Jogging aficionados cannot go even a day without running and are always on the lookout for new spots and places to exercise. Mainly it is an activity that has evolved around big urban centers with many people preferring parks, sport fields, beaches, waterfronts or other favorable places for this activity.

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Eixample neighbourhood

Eixample: the cosmopolitan Barcelona

Just as there are cities that are known all over the world, there are also neighbourhoods that have great fame. Eixample neighbourhood in Barcelona is a perfect example of that kind of areas.

Its geometric distribution and the wide and sunny streets are totally opposite to the dark and twisted streets of the Old-Town area. So, walking through this charming neighbourhood is a great activity to do while spending winter in Barcelona.

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visiting Barcelona

Visiting Barcelona on December: what will you find?

December is a great time to travel. In spite of the cold, we have to keep warm and go out into the streets to visit new cities and discover new environments and cultures. Visiting Barcelona in December is always an excellent option. Here the winter is not as cold as in the rest of Europe. In addition, Barcelona is even more beautiful than normal when Christmas comes.

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Barcelona with your dog

Best places of Barcelona to go with your dog

Is there something better than travelling with our pets? Visiting new places with our little buddies is a great experience that is not only satisfactory to us, but also to them. This way, today we suggest visiting Barcelona with your dog.

Barcelona is a wonderful city to visit with pets because it has a lot of green places where we can enjoy the beauty of the city and our dogs can happily play and run all over.

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Barcelona city

How to move around Barcelona city from your apartment

Barcelona city is one of the most famous touristic destinations not only in Spain, but also in Europe and the whole globe. Every year, millions of tourists enjoy the charm of the Catalan capital, taste its delicious gastronomy and discover the unique Mediterranean way of life of its inhabitants.

Barcelona is not the biggest city of Europe, but it is one of the biggest of Spain. That is why we should know how to properly move through the different areas of the city in order to make the most of our time in this amazing city. For example, if we take a stroll around Sagrada Familia and then we want to visit Tibidabo’s theme park, there is a long way from one point to another we can’t do walking. We need a ride.

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stroll around Las Ramblas

Best places to stroll around Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is one of those destinations we can’t miss while we visit the Mediterranean capital. Every plan we design from our apartment for rent in Barcelona includes a walk through this central street of the city.

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