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music and party in Barcelona

Summer is coming: music and party in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city where music and party are always present. In fact, they have a large cultural tradition that includes neighbourhood parties full of fire, colours, delicious gastronomy and traditional music. Some examples of these wonderful parties you can’t miss are Festes de La Mercé, Festes de Gràcia or Festes de Sants.

But today we are not talking about these local parties. Instead, we will present other kind of events where music and party in Barcelona are the main protagonist: music summer festivals!

Visiting Barcelona is always an exciting experience but enjoying live concerts of your favourite artists in a stage such as the Catalan capital, is just an unforgettable experience. Continue reading Summer is coming: music and party in Barcelona

sports in Barcelona

Sports in Barcelona: much more than games.

Barcelona is a city we could talk about for years. When we visit this amazing place, we organize several different tours: Gaudí’s works are a must: Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and other incredible constructions such as Casa Batlló, Casa Vicens or Casa Milà. We also will enjoy walking through charming neighbourhoods such as Gothic Quarter, El Born, La Barceloneta or El Raval.

Those are some examples of hundreds of activities we can enjoy in the Catalan capital. Art, architecture, painting, sculpture, gastronomy, traditions… but there is something missing here, isn’t it?

Sports! Right! Actually, these are great times to visit Barcelona because there are plenty of sportive events we can enjoy. We have already enjoyed all the jewels of Gaudí around Barcelona, now let’s have some sport time!

In this article we will present some of the best events related to sports in Barcelona. Continue reading Sports in Barcelona: much more than games.

Green hearts in the city: best parks of Barcelona

A really important characteristic of every city is the existence of green areas where we can forget crowded streets, noisy traffic jams and the stress related to day-to-day routine and an accelerated way of life.

This is why parks are an essential element in every city. In fact, there are some of them that are famous and well-known all around the globe: Central Park in New York, Parc Güell in Barcelona, Hyde Park in London, Tiergarten in Dublin, Vondelpark in Amsterdam or Suzhou’s Park (located in the Chinese city with the same name) are some examples of beautiful parks we strongly recommend visiting.

Today, we talk about best parks of Barcelona. Collserola Park, Ciutadella Park, Parc del Laberint de l’Horta… Where can we find them? What will we discover there? Just keep reading… Continue reading Green hearts in the city: best parks of Barcelona

bike routes from Barcelona

5 bike routes from Barcelona to enjoy a different weekend

Travelling is a great way of discovering new places, learning about different cultures and developing your personality and your knowledge. It is, indeed, one of the most enriching experiences. When you come back home, you feel you are a different person from the one that started the trip.

But travelling can be also a sportive experience. This way, we will be able to discover more natural places and enjoy of playing sport in a different environment than the one we usually live.

If you are a bike-lover, Barcelona is your destination. There, you will find a wide range of bike routes combining nature landscapes, beautiful mountains and breath-taking views of the Catalan capital. Furthermore, biking through the city is one of the best plans to enjoy Barcelona in family.

In this post we present 5 bike routes from Barcelona you can easily ride and enjoy. Continue reading 5 bike routes from Barcelona to enjoy a different weekend

celebrations in Barcelona

March, a month of celebrations in Barcelona

Winter is a great time to spend in Barcelona. We can enjoy a “smooth cold” weather with higher temperatures than the rest of countries of Europe, and if we are snow-lovers, we can drive to Pyrenees and live a great journey skiing or snowboarding one of the most beautiful cordilleras in Europe.

However, since we are in March winter is almost over. But don’t worry! Amazing plans and activities are a constant in the Catalan capital. In this article we will discover that march is, indeed, a month of celebrations in Barcelona. Arrival of spring means higher temperatures, blooming trees and flowers and sunny days, which is the best scenario to walk around this wonderful city and fall in love with its unique personality.

So, don’t hesitate to find the best apartment to rent in Barcelona and book a flight to visit this wonderful city. Continue reading March, a month of celebrations in Barcelona

Barcelona in 2018

What to do in Barcelona in 2018?

2017 is finishing. The last days of the year are the perfect time to look back and smile happily to the finishing year remembering the best moments of it. But it is also time to think about what is waiting for us in 2018.

We don’t know what destiny prepares for you in the next year, but we know, indeed, the huge number of events, activities and possibilities that will take place in Barcelona in 2018.

So, let us introduce here the best reasons to visit Barcelona in 2018. Continue reading What to do in Barcelona in 2018?

Christmas decoration in Barcelona

Christmas decoration in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most famous cities all round the world. The characteristics of the Catalan capital make of it a desired destination for tourists, no matter the season of the year.

Despite most people visit this Mediterranean jewel during summer months, Barcelona has a wide range of possibilities either in summer and winter. The exceptional weather conditions, with warm summers and pleasant winters with temperatures much higher than the rest of Europe, make possible visiting Barcelona whenever we have some holidays. Additionally, travelling to the Condal City in winter is cheaper because it is tourism low season. We won’t be able to take a bath in the beach, but we will enjoy the unique charm of Barcelona on Christmas.

So, what can we do in Barcelona on Christmas? In this post, we suggest some plans to enjoy your visit to this amazing city during this magical time. Continue reading Christmas decoration in Barcelona

Barcelona in family

5 best plans to enjoy Barcelona in family

Barcelona is a wonderful city to visit, either travelling alone, with friends, with your partner or even the whole family.

If you’re travelling with children, the possibilities are infinite. The offer of family plans in Barcelona is huge: visiting Tibidabo’s theme park, where we can have fun and enjoy a panoramic view of Barcelona, feeling like Messi with Camp Nou tour, discovering and learning about aquatic fauna in the Aquarium… There are many options while visiting Barcelona in family.

In this post, we recommend 5 plans to enjoy Barcelona in family.

Continue reading 5 best plans to enjoy Barcelona in family

All Saints in Barcelona

All Saints in Barcelona: traditions and places to visit

In Spain, all Saints is a celebration with lots of tradition and tones on meaning both for religious and lay people. The 1st of November is a day to remember our beloved ones, the ones we share our life with and the ones who left.

The 2nd of November is Deceased Day and dead are supposed to visit us. That’s why on 1st of November we visit the dead.

Every year, there are plenty of activities for both saints and sinners during the night of All Saints in Barcelona. From parties with music and costumes to nocturnal walks through cemeteries.

Here, we collect typical traditions that remain through centuries and other new ways of celebrating All Saints in Barcelona. Continue reading All Saints in Barcelona: traditions and places to visit

collserola park

A sport experience across the Collserola park

Barcelona is worldly known thanks to its beaches, its beautiful modernistic buildings, its cosmopolitan environment and its multiculturality. But the capital of Catalonia is much more than that.

In fact, mountains and parks in Barcelona are also a really important part of its landscape. This city gathers together sea and mountain, and that fact provides some landscapes and viewings unique in the world.

In this post, we will talk about Collserola Park, one of the beautiful group of mountains that surrender the city of Barcelona. Continue reading A sport experience across the Collserola park