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Are you passionate about culture and discover the cultural side of the city when you travel? You are in the right place. Here is a collection of articles in which we explained the best of Catalan culture and Barcelona to enjoy your visit.

winter party in Barcelona

Santa Eulàlia: the winter party in Barcelona

Barcelona is well known by its wonderful weather, beautiful buildings, wonderful beaches, local culture and so on. We could spend a whole day listing the great qualities of this Mediterranean city.

If you want to know Catalan culture at first-hand, there is nothing like traditional celebrations. Festes Majors (major parties of neighborhoods such as Gràcia, Sants o El Raval), La Mercé or Sant Jordi are some good examples of these ancient local celebrations where Catalan culture and gastronomy are part of the experience.

Today, we talk about one of these parties; Santa Eulàlia: the winter party in Barcelona.

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concerts in Barcelona in 2018

Which will be the best concerts in Barcelona in 2018?

Barcelona is one of the Spanish cities with better musical offer. The most important music groups and singers, no matter the kind of music they perform, include the Catalan capital in their European tours.

That means a new kind of tourism: musical trips. You can check concerts in Barcelona in 2018 and plan a trip to the Condal city for these days. This way, you will be able to enjoy the charm of a unique city with one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural environments all around the world; discover magical pieces of art designed by Miró, Gaudí or Picasso and, additionally, live a concert of your favorite music group. Wouldn’t be this the icing on the cake?

So, don’t miss the opportunity and check concerts in Barcelona in 2018, book your flight tickets, find an apartment to rent in Barcelona and enjoy this unique experience.

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Three Kings in Barcelona

Waiting for The Three Kings in Barcelona

We are in 2018 already. New Year’s Eve was a great party where we bade 2017 farewell remembering all the good times we had. But we also think about our wishes and expectations for this new year which is coming.

First week of the year is also a really important moment for children in Spain, because The Three Kings are preparing all their presents to be delivered the night of 5th January. In fact, these Three Wise Men visit all the cities of Spain to greet children before starting their hard work during night.

If you are visiting Barcelona in Christmas time, you can be part of this centenary tradition. This is why, when visiting the Catalan capital, you should go to their parade and see Three Kings in Barcelona.

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live in Barcelona

Catalan Christmas traditions to experience in Barcelona

Christmas is a magical time to spend time together with our beloved ones: partners, friends, family and every person we appreciate. There are plenty of meetings where we get together with people we hadn’t seen for a long time. Happiness and joy are present all along these familiar parties.

All around the world, there are different cultures which celebrate Christmas in varied ways and with all kind of names and traditions. In Philippines, they celebrate Giants Lanterns Festival, an evil demon called Krampus in Austria or naughty Yule youths in Iceland are some examples of these great wide of traditions.

Today, we are going to talk about best Christmas traditions in Barcelona. In fact, there are many Catalan traditions which are part of their cultural heritage and, for sure, will surprise you. Here we present some of them you can’t miss when you live in Barcelona. Continue reading Catalan Christmas traditions to experience in Barcelona

Culture in Barcelona

An evening in Via Laietana: leisure & culture in Barcelona

Via Laietana is one of the most iconic streets of Barcelona. It was designed in 1859 with the aim of connecting Ensanche neighborhood and the harbor, but it was not until 1907 that the first building of this historical avenue was built.

The vast majority of edifications built in Via Laietana follow the architectural style known as Chicago School. This way, while we take a walk along Via Laietana we find really vertical buildings where concrete pillars and metallic structures prevail.

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picasso in barcelona

Following the steps of Dalí & Picasso in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with infinite possibilities. It has wonderful beaches, beautiful hills, the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city and the charm of surrounding villages. But Barcelona is even more than that. The Catalan capital is synonym of culture, art and tradition.

In fact, Barcelona was the heart of the modernistic movement in the lasts times of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. But it also was the home of different cultural and artistic movements such as Impressionism, Cubism or Surrealism, represented at its highest level by Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí, two of the greatest personalities of art in Barcelona. Continue reading Following the steps of Dalí & Picasso in Barcelona

apartments in colon

Why is Colón a reference in Barcelona?

Everybody knows the history about Cristopher Columbus, Cristóbal Colón in Spanish, who sailed across Atlantic Ocean and discovered the New World. After convincing Catholic Kings, Fernando and Isabel, to support his project, Colón started his trip in August 1492 with three boats named Pinta, Niña and Santa María. After more than two months sailing, Colón and his crew finally arrived in land. They disembarked in Bahamas and they realized they weren’t in India, which was its real destination, but they had discovered a totally new Continent.

After his discovery, Colón returned to Spain to meet with Catholic Kings, who were in Barcelona. That is why Colón sailed to Barcelona, where history still reminds the huge convoy he brought with him: new food, new clothes, totally different people, distinct cultures… Everybody was amazed with all the new discoveries Colón made.

Taking all this into account, it seems logical the presence of a monument to Colón in Barcelona. In fact, he is one of the most important figures in Catalan history together with Jaume I. Continue reading Why is Colón a reference in Barcelona?

Barcelona music festivals: Primavera Sound & Sónar

Barcelona has managed to position itself in recent years as a worldwide music festival destination. Many international and national artists find in the Catalan capital the right stage to offer their best show and connect with the European audience in a Mediterranean atmosphere. But in addition to concerts and live music venues, Barcelona has managed to position itself as a musical destination thanks to the raise of many international music festivals, such as Primavera Sound and Sónar.

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What to do in Barcelona for Sant Jordi

What to do in Barcelona for Sant Jordi

As you may know, Sant Jordi (Saint George) is the patron saint of Catalonia, celebrated on April 23. The city gets covered by beautiful stands with roses stalls and books, as well as concerts and workshops for all ages.

The tradition of giving a rose to a girl and a book to a boy is now more flexible. Women like to read too and sometimes people give away both presents for the same person. It is a special day, a day dedicated to love and culture.

If you are in Barcelona during this celebration, you can go for a walk and get nourish by the spring climate and the smiles on everybody’s face while discovering new activities over the city. Check this list and make some plans!

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Main historical figures of the history of Barcelona

Summarizing the rich history of Catalonia in a single post is too complicated and extensive, but before renting an apartment in Barcelona, we can acquire a broad perspective of the main characters who have made this city to be worldwide known today and visited by millions of people. Who are they? What footprint have they left in the city?

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