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If when you travel you love to discover the local gastronomy, this is your blog. Here we have the secrets of the popular gastronomy of Barcelona and Catalunya. You must try the culinary delights that we propose in these articles.

foodie trends barcelona 2020

Foodie trends in Barcelona you need to know for 2020

Barcelona, a city where culinary innovation is at its best and where recipes that originate from here travel all around the globe. We will present you with the foodie trends in Barcelona you need to know for 2020 and where exactly to find them.

The city boasts a huge variety of quality cuisines from all over the world and many venues that offer excellent street food.

If you are a foodie and you want to be ahead of your time when it comes to foodie trends, then Barcelona is the place for you.

Prepare for the new foodie trends in Barcelona for 2020

The culinary and cooking world is a very rapidly evolving and ever-changing world.

Keeping track of all the foodie trends is difficult on its own. Thank god, every year in Barcelona, one of the largest trade shows is organized, that of Alimentaria. In 2020, it will take place from April the 20th until the 23rd in the Gran Via venue in Barcelona.

The exhibition anticipates foodie trends and sees business opportunities well into the future. Collaborating with the tourism and food industry sectors, it emphasizes on gastronomy, innovation and trends throughout a wide range of activities.

So, if you want to partake and be the first to know foodie trends in Barcelona for the year 2020, this is the place to be.

Get to know your foodie websites

Since the city of Barcelona contains a huge variety of cuisines and foodie trends, keeping track of all is quite difficult. Thankfully many websites exist, some only in Spanish, some as well in English.

There, every new trend and innovation, every new shop and venue that opens is uploaded for you. One of them, in English, is the website. It offers much information about foodie trends in the city so as not to miss anything.

Another one is the “Doña Croqueta”, only in Spanish. It offers all the information you need about the gastronomy and the foodie culture in the city so as not to miss anything. Events, restaurants, experiences and foodie trends in Barcelona, you will find everything there.

Another trusted guide to the best food finds and foodie trends in the city is the website Barcelona Food Experience. You can browse by neighborhood and easily find places to eat and drink in each area.

Last but not least, we recommend Where’s the food Barcelona that acts as a foodie guide through various photographs.

All those websites are great if you want to learn beforehand the foodie trends in Barcelona.

You can rent an apartment close to all the areas that offer great food and get to live life like a local and not a tourist. In the culinary and food sector, one thing is for certain: Barcelona has many things to offer.

chocolate shops in barcelona

Best chocolate shops in Barcelona to keep warm in winter

There is nothing better, when the weather is cold, than a steaming cup of hot chocolate to keep you warm. Trust us! And when it is accompanied by chocolate sweets, then this is heaven.

The sweet, fulfilling and addictive taste of chocolate is a global experience. People from all around the globe will agree that chocolate is a delicious treat. So, for all of you that desire to live everything the cocoa bean has to offer, the city of Barcelona is definitely a must. With some of the greatest chocolate shops in Barcelona, cafés and restaurants in Europe, browsing through the chocolate culture in Barcelona it is a must.

Let your sweet tooth run wild while learning at the same time all about the origins of chocolate in the famous Museo de la Xocolata in the capital of Catalonia.

Chocolate shops in Barcelona, a sweet history

Barcelona hosts some of the better and more well-known chocolate shops in Europe.

Among them are the Xocoa chocolatier shops that specialize in the art of chocolate. Maybe one of the best chocolate shops in Barcelona with flavors ranging from Jamaican pepper and rosemary all the way to products based on chocolate, this chocolate shops is definitely worth a visit.

Another remarkable chocolate shop in Barcelona is the Cacao Sampaka. This is a shop that specializes on selling chocolate cooking ingredients, chocolate spreads as well as chocolate fondue.

Chocolate museum and “granjas” to keep warm

El Museu de la Xocolata is located in Carrer de Comerç, 36, across the Parc de la Ciutadella.

If you are interested to know more about the rich history of the cocoa bean, a trip in the museum will answer all your questions. You will be able to experience how chocolate is made and see statues made entirely out of chocolate along with traditional machinery that was used in the past to make chocolate. If you are travelling with kids make sure you book a seat to the various one-hour seminars. They will love them.

A trip in Barcelona will not be complete without tasting the traditional delicacy known as chocolate con churros. You can find them in the typical Spanish cafés also known as granjas.

Usually those churros are served with warm chocolate that is thick and creamy and you can dip your churro in it. The city of Barcelona is home to many granjas. Some of them remain, up to this day, hidden treasures.

The most famous chocolate shops and granja in Barcelona are the La Pallaresa, located on a street that is well-known for its chocolate in Barcelona: Carrer de Petritxol. It is located in the Gothic quartier and this charming, small café is always bustling with life with locals and tourists. It offers other delicacies as well, such as Catalana cream and muffins.

So, if you simply want to indulge in a sweet delight or if you consider yourself a chocolate aficionado, then an experience in the chocolate culture of Barcelona is definitely worth it during your stay in this amazing city.

And for those of you that will rent one of the many apartments in Barcelona, do not miss the traditional churros con chocolate or the chance to lose yourself in the streets and indulge in something sweet.

This is your chance to enjoy the best chocolate shops in Barcelona and one of the most delicious delicacies of the Catalan capital.





Where to eat tapas in Barcelona

Best neighborhoods to eat tapas in Barcelona

Somebody once said that an indispensable part of travelling is getting to know other cultures, civilizations and ways of life. And we believe that there is no better way to experience that than tasting food and recipes pertaining to the places you travel. Every country has its own traditions and specialties that are worth tasting and that you cannot miss during your visit.

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Calçotada: a delicious tradition in Barcelona

Calçotada: a delicious tradition in Barcelona

Catalunya has its own way of cherishing winter that is the special tradition of Catalan barbeques with a series of exceptional food festivities known as “The Calçotada”. This festivity is the same as many of the barbeques where you gather with your friends, have delicious food, wine and a lot of fun. However, these Catalan barbeques are not just your regular meat barbecues, the turning point of this festival is that it is based on the seasonal vegetable, “Calçot”. Below, we present some fun facts about the festival that will help you understand it better:

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Catalan gastronomy

Discover the best Christmas Catalan gastronomy

Every single region of every single country has its own customs and traditions when it comes to celebrating Christmas. In Catalonia there is a wide range of Christmas traditions, but today we will talk about Catalan gastronomy that we can enjoy in this special time of the year. While the typical meal of the summer always includes a paella in Barcelona, winter meals are a little different.

Any celebration begins, as in almost all places, with appetizers or assorted starters and taking advantage of regional products, typical sausages, ham, prawns, prawns, olives, and so on.

But the Delicious surprise comes with the main dishes. Let’s discover all the delicious food that the Catalan gastronomy provides! Continue reading Discover the best Christmas Catalan gastronomy

gastronomy in Barcelona

Best summer gastronomy in Barcelona

Barcelona is a wonderful city. In fact, millions of tourists travel to the Catalan capital every year to discover the charm of this amazing Mediterranean city where we find a wide range of different environments depending on the specific area we visit.

In Barcelona, we find some of the most astonishing pieces of modernistic architecture such as Sagrada Familia, Güell Park, Casa Batlló, Casa Milà (all of them designed by the well-known Catalan genius Antoni Gaudí), Palau de la Música or Casa Amatller.

Additionally, there are several touristic attractions like Montjuïc, Tibidabo hill or Barceloneta beach, where we can enjoy beautiful views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

But there is also another essential point when visiting a foreign country: gastronomy. Indeed, gastronomy in Barcelona offers such a wide range of possibilities. This way, eating paella in the restaurants in Barceloneta or visiting the best bars in Raval are always good options.

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paella in Barcelona

Where enjoying a delicious paella in Barcelona

We all are waiting for summer and sunny days to enjoy Barcelona at its maximum. Walking around the charming neighbourhoods, stopping in a terrace to have a drink while you enjoy the warm weather or taking a bath on the Mediterranean waters and sunbathing are some of the great experiences we can live while visiting Barcelona in summer.

When we talk about gastronomy, there is a special dish we can’t miss when we travel to the Catalan capital: paella. But, where can we get a proper dish of this traditional and delicious Mediterranean meal? Certainly, beaches of Barcelona are a good place, since there is a wide range of restaurants where we can find paella, but some of them are not the best choice because they are expensive and with poor quality.

That is why here we present some great places to enjoy paella in Barcelona. Take note! Continue reading Where enjoying a delicious paella in Barcelona

Going out: The best bars in Raval

Many times the bars are the reflection of the area where they are located. Based on this premise, and considering that Raval is a mixture of nationalities – about 50% of the population are foreigners – as well as students and young people attracted by its cultural offerings together with former neighbors of the so-called Barrio Chino, interculturality and diversity are two of the attributes that characterize the 322 establishments that make up this neighborhood.

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tapas crawl in Barcelona: patatas bravas

Enjoying “patatas bravas”: a tapas crawl in Barcelona

Tapas crawls in Barcelona are not just a gastronomical experience. Whether it’s one of the organized around specific neighborhoods throughout the year, a tour that we simply create on our own following recommendations and gastronomic guides from the Internet, or just letting ourselves be carried away by our instinct, a tapas crawl is the perfect way of visiting streets and places full of charm and live like a local, socializing around food and drinks as it is done in Barcelona: like a pro.

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Tapas crawl in El Born

Tapas crawl in El Born: gastronomy in Barcelona

The reason the Spanish gastronomic culture is appreciated worldwide is that, in addition to having a multitude of flavors and excellent recipes, it counts with the best and multi-award-winning chefs of worldwide fame. Being the standard bearer of the most healthy and tastiest diet, besides all this, is not a pretentious assumption.

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