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If when you travel you love to discover the local gastronomy, this is your blog. Here we have the secrets of the popular gastronomy of Barcelona and Catalunya. You must try the culinary delights that we propose in these articles.

Culinary delights

Culinary delights in Barcelona city

Barcelona is a capital with a very rich gastronomy, cradle of the best chefs in the world where the Mediterranean diet and innovation have its permanent headquarters. That’s the reason why it is imperative that, during walks in this pleasant city, whether for dinner or just for a snack, we stop to take pleasure in trying culinary offers. Enjoy Barcelona with all senses!

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Catalan cuisine

Catalan cuisine: something to be proud of

Barcelona has many things to boast about: monuments, culture, a full schedule of activities… but among all of them undoubtedly its rich cuisine highlights.

The Catalan cuisine is characterized by a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, respecting all the principles of the Mediterranean diet (which has such an importance that was declared World Intangible Heritage) but without losing sight of new trends. New trends that have the origin in Catalonia.

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