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Here you will find leisure activities and plans for you to enjoy your holiday in Barcelona. We show you the places you must visit during your stay in Barcelona. Breaks on the coast of Catalonia and places that you can easily access from Barcelona to not only discover one of the most vibrant cities in the world, but also its surroundings.

Costa Daurada from Barcelona

A summer break to Costa Daurada from Barcelona

The shores of Spain in the Mediterranean are almost endless. Besides the well-known tourist resorts, they are multiple destinations and places waiting the unwearied traveler. Spain has more than 1.600 kilometers of coastline in the Mediterranean reaching from Tarifa, the southern part of the European continent up until the rocky cliffs of Cabo de Creus, in the North Catalonia, near the borders between Spain and France. These kilometers host a variety of attractions and things to do.

One of those areas is the famous Costa Daurada (Gold Coast) in the Tarragona province, an area that starts north of Levante. Barcelona, one of the jewels of Spain and of Mediterranean, is located only 90 kilometers away and you can easily combine a visit to Barcelona with a summer break and a visit to Costa Daurada from Barcelona.

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Visiting Costa Brava from Barcelona

Visiting Costa Brava from Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that is loved by millions of people. Every year tourists from all over Europe and the world choose Barcelona as their holiday destination for many reasons. The food, the architecture, the Ramblas, the people and the beaches are reasons attracting many visitors. Many people visit the city many consecutive times, every time experiencing something new. Some of those people choose also to combine a visit to Barcelona with a visit to other nearby places. Many of those, wishing to travel to something different, choose as their destination the area of Costa Brava.

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Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona

Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona: all you should know

May visit Barcelona for the food, others for the architecture, the museums and the rich history and others for Las Ramblas. But some aficionados are looking forward each year to visit Barcelona for a different reason. Music lovers all over Europe and the world every year put the Primavera Sound Festival in their calendar.

When the lineup for Primavera is revealed, everyone is talking about and all rush online to buy their tickets before they run out. And after that, once you have your ticket secured, you need to search for an apartment to rent in Barcelona. An apartment that will be close to the Forum where the festival is held (El Born or Sagrada Familia), an apartment that you can share with your friends and that will give you all the comforts of a hotel along with the experience of living like a local.

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Best skiing destinations around Barcelona

Barcelona, a city that has everything that you’re looking for in a tourist destination, the beaches, sun, sand, architecture and not to forget, the Pyrenees where you can enjoy the best ski slopes.

In the cooler months, the Pyrenees offer you a more family-oriented environment with quieter slopes than the Alps. The Pyrenees mountains are located at the French-Spanish border and provide you with the best skiing destinations in Europe. Here are the best skiing destinations near Barcelona that will make you enjoy your day trip or a short vacation.

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barcelona in three days

Discover Barcelona in three days

We all love travelling and discovering new places and cultures. But sometimes we don’t have all the time we would like to do it. This is why today we suggest an express tour to discover Barcelona in three days.

Of course, there are many special places and secret corners in Barcelona that we won’t be able to visit if we are staying for a few days in the Catalan capital. Nevertheless, with this tour you will know most of the important monuments and neighbourhoods of the city.

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tradition in Barcelona

Aperitivo: a social and delicious tradition in Barcelona

Today we talk about a common tradition in Barcelona: aperitivo. But first we have to know some things.

Barcelona is an astonishing city. There is so much to visit: walking around the majestic Gothic quarter with its incomparable narrow streets and charming squares; the well-known Ramblas; Raval neighbourhood with Botero’s cat; renting an apartment in el Born and discovering its unique bohemian environment… we could walk and walk for days and we still wouldn’t have discovered all the secret corners of this breathtaking city.

This is why, while visiting Barcelona, we usually walk for hours with no rest. This is a mistake! Having a break and enjoying an aperitivo is one of the things we can’t miss when we visit the Catalan capital.

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hiking routes in Barcelona

Hiking routes in Barcelona from your apartment for rent

Travelling is a great way of discovering new places, learning about different cultures and developing your personality and your knowledge. It is, indeed, one of the most enriching experiences.

But travelling can be also a sportive experience. This way, we will be able to discover more natural places and enjoy of playing sport in a different environment than the one we usually live. Is there something better than exploring a new destination while you play your favourite sport? This is not only an exciting activity, but also a healthy routine.

Barcelona is the perfect city for those who are looking for a sportive day. In fact, we find several bike routes from Barcelona. But if you are not a bike-lover, don’t worry!

There are also plenty of hiking routes in Barcelona where you can directly connect to nature and forget the noisy city center and the annoying traffic jams.

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beach in Barcelona

5 things you can’t forget when you go to the beach in Barcelona

The month of August is almost over but it does not mean the high temperatures and warm weather of Barcelona disappears. In fact, the Mediterranean coast still hosts thousands of tourists in September thanks to its wonderful weather and calm waters.

This way, the end of August does not mean the end of beach time. We can take our swimsuit and the towel and walk to Barceloneta beach to sun-bathe and take a refreshing bath in the Mediterranean waters.

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summer in barcelona

Find the best ice cream of Barcelona

Barcelona is probably one of the best touristic destinations all over the world to visit during summer. We can enjoy a great warm weather with sunny days that invite us to take a bath in some of the varied beaches of the Catalan coast, we can also discover the charming corners of Barcelona, one of the most amazing cities of the world and. Additionally, we are able to enjoy a unique Mediterranean gastronomy which is not only tasty and diverse, but also healthy.

This way, summer in Barcelona is a special time. Terraces are full of people having drinks and tapas, squares are crowded and many cultural activities such as concerts or parades take place. Festes de Gracia and Festes de Sants are good examples of what we are talking about here.

Another typical activity of summer in Barcelona is eating ice-cream, one of the delicacies of summer. In this post we present a guide to find the best ice cream of Barcelona. Come with us! Continue reading Find the best ice cream of Barcelona

visit Costa Brava

Best villages to visit in Costa Brava

While visiting Barcelona and its surroundings, there are hundreds of different possibilities. Catalonia offers a wide range of varied landscapes, architectures and cultures.

This way, we can visit the wonders of Gaudí, enjoy a shopping day in Barcelona, hike the hills of Collserola or take a bath in the gorgeous beaches of the coast.

Today we talk about one of the most beautiful coastal destinations in the whole world: the coast of Girona, also known as Costa Brava.

From Blanes to Portbou, we find breath-taking small bays, precious little villages with fishing tradition and old Greek and medieval ruins.

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