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Here you will find leisure activities and plans for you to enjoy your holiday in Barcelona. We show you the places you must visit during your stay in Barcelona. Breaks on the coast of Catalonia and places that you can easily access from Barcelona to not only discover one of the most vibrant cities in the world, but also its surroundings.

adventure day in Pyrenees

An adventure day in Pyrenees

Pyrenees are a great winter destination. We can enjoy its magnificent mountains, where we find a wide range of ski stations with a large number of ski slopes. In fact, this is probably the best place for skiing in the whole Peninsula.

But winter is not the only time we can enjoy the wonders of Pyrenees. Summer is also a great period to drive to these landscapes surrounded by mountains, trees, lakes and nature and scape from the crowded city.

So, if you like shopping in Barcelona or visiting museums, but you feel you need more active distractions, get a train or bus ticket and live an adventure day in Pyrenees. Continue reading An adventure day in Pyrenees

a skiing day from a Barcelona apartment

A skiing day from a Barcelona apartment

Cold temperatures are usually a problem when travelling. We have to fill our suitcases with tones of winter clothing, we have to carry our gloves, scarf and hat all around the city. We are cold in the street, but we are hot when we get into a coffee shop or any store.

Despite all these inconvenient situations, winter and cold have a great advantage: snow. Why should be snow a positive factor? Easy answer. When there is snow, we can ski. We can’t miss the opportunity of slide the hills with a smooth slalom. The feeling while we descend a mountain is just incomparable.

This is the reason why travelling to Pyrenees from a Barcelona apartment is a great option to live a unique experience and play some sport on those winter days.

Today we talk about a skiing day from a Barcelona apartment. Continue reading A skiing day from a Barcelona apartment

winter in Barcelona

Best plans for winter in Barcelona

When we talk about winter and low temperatures, there is a big difference between Spain and the rest of Europe. Spain is a privileged country gifted with hot summers and tolerable winters, when temperatures are often over 0º Celsius. This way, we can be astonished with temperatures around 10º Celsius in the middle of January, especially in Mediterranean areas.

That is why, when we spend winter in Barcelona, we do some activities completely different to the ones we would plan while visiting other European countries.

Despite taking a bath on the beach is not recommended during this times, we have many other possibilities such as enjoy gastronomy in Barcelona, discover the charming surrounding towns or hike along Catalan hills. Continue reading Best plans for winter in Barcelona

villages of Barcelona's surroundings

Top 10 villages of Barcelona’s surroundings

Barcelona is one of the most famous cities around the world. Its cosmopolitan style and the huge possibilities while visiting make of the condal city one of the most visited touristic destinations.

Sunny days and warm weather, friendly people, beautiful hills, astonishing buildings and great artists such as Gaudí, Dalí, Picasso… In Barcelona you can find all this together with a truly multicultural environment. It is the total city!

But the spell of Barcelona can blind us. It is, in fact, a wonderful city, but if you are in Catalonia you can’t miss the opportunity of visiting these charming villages close to Barcelona. Continue reading Top 10 villages of Barcelona’s surroundings

a guide for visiting costa brava from barcelona

A guide for visiting the Costa Brava from Barcelona

The coast of Girona, also known as Costa Brava, is one of the most beautiful coastal destinations in the world. From Blanes to Portbou, we’ll find breath-taking small bays, precious little villages with fishing tradition and old Greek and medieval ruins.

So, don’t hesitate to travel from Barcelona to Costa Brava. It’s a short drive and the effort is totally worth.

Here we provide a 3-4 days guide to visit the Costa Brava from Barcelona. Continue reading A guide for visiting the Costa Brava from Barcelona

discounts for tourists in barcelona

Travel Card and other discounts for tourists in Barcelona

When in Barcelona, there’s so much to visit and see. That’s why if you don’t plan thoroughly your stay, your expenses could be higher than expected. Buses, metros, trains, museums, restaurants, clubs… How could we control our budget?

This question has a simple answer: Discounts for tourists in Barcelona. You can find plenty of discount cards for tourists including public transport and museums passes together. This fact is one of the many reasons to visit Barcelona.

In the next paragraphs, we recommend you some discounts for tourists offered by the city of Barcelona. Continue reading Travel Card and other discounts for tourists in Barcelona


How to enjoy Tarragona from a Barcelona holiday apartment

Once you are enjoying your holidays in some nice holiday apartment in Barcelona’s Eixample, you should always remember that there are many small outings you can do if you want to go further and visit other points of Catalonia such as Girona or Tarragona.

We’ve already talked about how to visit Girona from Barcelona. But today we are going to talk about Tarragona, a small and historic city not far from Barcelona. Moreover, Tarragona is being talked about a lot lately due to the Mediterranean Games.

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How to visit Girona from a Barcelona studio for rent?

Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the most attractive cities in the Mediterranean and even if it isn’t a huge city, you can spend many days and even weeks enjoying everything it offers to foreigners and locals. No matter if you like the beach, the nightlife, contemporary art or indie music Barcelona will keep you amazed for several days.

Anyway, once you have come to Barcelona it would be a pity for you to loose other interesting places located in the surroundings of Barcelona. There are many places to visit near Barcelona but if there is one you shouldn’t miss at all that’s Girona. Moreover, Girona is easy to visit from your Barcelona studio for rent.

Continue reading How to visit Girona from a Barcelona studio for rent?

An escape to the Pyrenees from a Barcelona apartment

Do you enjoy winter sports but don’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy a city as monumental and cultural as Barcelona? You don’t want to spend your holidays locked in a ski resort? Do you find the prices of a rental apartment in the Pyrenees too expensive? Don’t worry, because you can enjoy the city of Barcelona without having to give up a day skiing and doing some tourism in the Pyrenees, accessible in just an hour and a half.

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