Cheap apartment in Barcelona

Cheap apartments for a cheap trip to Barcelona

Barcelona is a city full of luxury, but that does not mean we can planning a cheap plan that allows us to enjoy the city at an affordable price and still not deprive us of anything. This is the case of the plans that begin for renting an apartment in Barcelona, live like an authentic Barcelona citizen and therefore not fall into avoidable expenses like eating every day away from home. Here we will describe how to enjoy a cheap apartment in Barcelona.

Cheap doesn’t mean low quality

The first is to clarify concepts: talking about cheap apartments is not to mention apartments of low quality: a cheap apartment is one that offers you all the amenities you need for a hotel but like you’re in your own home without the plus cost of each “hotel star”.

In this way, we can find cheap design apartments, with all the comforts and amenities of a house of first level with the “Barcelona design” label in fashionable neighborhoods and in the middle of downtown to enjoy the best atmosphere in the best environment. To live fully Barcelona from within.

Studios, penthouses, duplex … a wide range of apartments at a good price is at your full disposal without you cause a major hole in your pocket.

Cheap apartment in Barcelona bedroom

Take advantage of all available offers

An apartment is ideal for you to realize yourself your own breakfast and enjoy it from an attic conditioning for it with stunning views of the city but, Would not it be even better to receive for free our breakfast?, and how about a 15% discount for booking advance if we plan our trip at least one month prior to our arrival to Barcelona?

WI-FI to consult the best plans or concerts in Barcelona, parking available if we plan a getaway in Barcelona surroundings … offers are many advantages to be found in an AinB apartment, but if doubts assail us, nothing like asking directly at the reception and our staff resolved and advise each of the questions you may have.

How to save money for an apartment in Barcelona?

What we tend to spend more money when you travel? The answer lies in three things: room, food and cultural visits. To save without our feeling that we are not enjoying the trip therefore must be “cut” in these three areas without cutting converted into synonymous of worse.

The issue of the room is resolved: an apartment in the center at a good price and save us the transport is a great solution. On the topic of meals, we don’t have to eat every day and have dinner out, in addition, especially in the downtown area, it is easy to fall into a fast-food restaurant or “sold as Mediterranean food” restaurant but offer second level food. Our advice ?: choose a good restaurant that make you enjoy an evening, and the rest of days buy your own delicacies in a supermarket. Catalan food is excellent so it will not be difficult to find the best ingredients even for a quick snack food in any supermarket.

design apartment

Finally, with regard to cultural visits, Barcelona is a city that you can enjoy “at street level” but also has a wide cultural offer for zero euros or very cheap cost from a myriad of world-class museums that are open free on Sundays, to a tourist card that will open the doors of many monuments and unmissable museums.

Gaudi’s works could you fall in love, but do not fall into the trap of visiting all because that will mean an average payment of 20 euros per monument. Choose those that you can bring a plus (many within it do not add much more than what you see from the outside) or the buildinds and places that are integrated into a tourist ticket or discounted tour.

In short, Barcelona as an open city offers thousands of plans at the best price and without waste the mark of distinction and quality of this Mediterranean city boasts. Do not hesitate and visit us!


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Cheap apartments for a cheap trip to Barcelona
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