christmas at Barcelona

Christmas is coming to Barcelona!

Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Despite the cold, we take our coats to go for a walk through the streets and enjoy the incomparable Christmas atmosphere: lights, Christmas decoration, nativity scenes, Christmas markets, grilled chestnut stalls … there are few things comparable to a walk through Barcelona at Christmas.

Therefore, travelling to Barcelona in winter is an excellent plan to live an unforgettable Christmas. A skiing day from a Barcelona apartment is a great idea for those who love snow, but visiting the city is a must. In addition to the hundreds of corners, monuments and places of interest to visit in the Catalan capital, Christmas in Barcelona creates a unique environment giving each street a special magic.

That is why in the following paragraphs we present some of the best places to visit in Barcelona at Christmas. Don’t miss any of them!

Sagrada Familia

Little more can be said (or written in this case) about the most famous work of the illustrious Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. However, visiting the Sagrada Familia during Christmas is a totally different experience: choral music concerts are organised inside this amazing temple (although it is quite difficult to get tickets for them), incredible mapping projections are made on its facades and even a Christmas market is set up in the park located opposite the Passion façade.

In this market we find decorative figures typical of Catalan Christmas traditions such as Tió de Nadal (a piece of wood with four stick legs with a broad smiling face painted on its higher end, enhanced by a little red sock hat called barretina) or caganers (a curious and funny figurine depicted in the act of defecation appearing in nativity scenes). So, do not hesitate to visit this market that is just a few minutes away from your studio in Sagrada Familia.

Passeig de Gràcia

This is a gorgeous street of Barcelona that appears in every single guide of the city as a compulsory visit. But at Christmas Passeig de Gràcia acquires a magical aura that makes it very special.

The modernistic buildings on their sidewalks are decorated with lights and different decorative elements to make them even more beautiful. Casa Batlló, Casa Milà, Casa Amatller… all these incredible buildings are even more amazing in Christmas!

Portal de l’Àngel and Barcelona’s Cathedral

Walking along the Portal de l’Àngel and reaching the cathedral is a highly recommended walk, especially at Christmas! As well as being able to do those last-minute shopping, there is also a very special environment on this street.

When you arrive at the cathedral square you will also find a unique atmosphere. The Christmas market in the cathedral square is the largest and most complete in Barcelona, and the views of the imposing cathedral of Santa Cruz and Santa Eulalia make it an unforgettable place.

The Nativity Scene of St Jaume Square

Last but not least, the Nativity Scene in St Jaume square is another obligatory stop when we visit Barcelona at Christmas.

This is the most known crèche of Barcelona. Each year, the designer of the representation changes. This year the author is Sebastià Brosa and he has designed an original Nativity Scene. It perfectly mixes modernity and tradition, which is a good metaphor of the city of Barcelona.

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Christmas is coming to Barcelona!
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