Mountains of Barcelona

Climbing in the mountains of Barcelona: connect with nature

While many associate a good time in the Catalan capital with the city, did you know how popular the mountains of Barcelona are?

The beauty of nature is all around us, as is the impressive architecture of man. However, few locations can match the booming, stand-out and truly beautiful mountains of Barcelona. If you come to the city and feel like you could maybe use a short detour to make the most of nature, then you should absolutely look to do so. Where, though, should your journey through nature begin here?

What are the best mountains of Barcelona?


For one, you might wish to look to check out the sublime Tibidabo. This stunning location is one that you should easily feel at home at, and at around 512m it’s a pretty significant climb. It’s also the highest panoramic point in the Barcelona area, making it perfect for getting truly special shots of the city.

Outside of this amazing piece of nature, you should look to see the Montjuic (only five minutes walking from your apartment in Entenza). This mountain gives you some great views of the city of Barcelona, and also has various locations for you to rest and relax both en route to the top and at the top. It’s a fine place to find a bit of peace, but you should also look to take the time to visit the often missed Bunkers del Carmel.

These are often not noted by tourists but offers some truly special views of the region. These are to the west of the city, and these old wartime bunkers make it easy for you to get some great, high-up views of the city. You can get here by following the Carrer de La Gran Vista.


Taking on Montserrat: the most beautiful mountains of Barcelona


Of course, you might be happy to take on something a bit more ambitious than the above ideas. Each of the above mountains of Barcelona often provide you with a few short hours of hiking to the top. With this mountain, though, you’ll be challenged a lot more!

We recommend that you join the thousands of hikers per year who claim to the top of the famous Montserrat. It’s a location that brings in around 25,000 people pe year to try out the hike for themselves. However, be warned: climbing to the top of Montserrat is no laughing matter. If you come in the month of October, you might find less people here so therefore more time to make your ascent to the top.

You will need to first make sur that you are ready to handle the challenges that exist. If you arrive here to climb Montserrat, then be sure to work with a guide. You’ll find that arriving in the summer can be quite tough due to the outrageous climate. Whether you choose to climb up the Desdentegada or you look to the Can Jorba, there are many impressive parts of Montserrat to consider overcoming.

Not sure about climbing one of the great mountains of Barcelona? Then we recommend that you hire a tour guide. They can help you to find the best sports for your own wants and needs. This will ensure you can get the most out of your trip to this most stunning part of nature.


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Climbing in the mountains of Barcelona: connect with nature
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