Culinary delights

Culinary delights in Barcelona city

Barcelona is a capital with a very rich gastronomy, cradle of the best chefs in the world where the Mediterranean diet and innovation have its permanent headquarters. That’s the reason why it is imperative that, during walks in this pleasant city, whether for dinner or just for a snack, we stop to take pleasure in trying culinary offers. Enjoy Barcelona with all senses!


First level: cuisine to take away

Do not fall into the temptation of pizza or kebabs. If you want to enjoy a homemade snack while walking, you can try some take away food which will taste as if you were at a table of a good restaurant.

In Barcelona it isn’t complicated to find places throughout the city where we can appreciate a good artisan sandwich with premium ingredients and other local products such as the “botifarra” (catalan sausage), escalibada (grilled vegetables) or calçots with their dressing on season. And if you want to enjoy the classic in capital letters among the classics of Spanish cuisine, you can eat a good “tapa” of ham tacos in a cone to take away as if you were eating pipes.

The hamburger: a new must

The hamburger is experiencing the same process as the gin and tonic did few years ago: a very old product which was previously quickly consumed and ignored by gourmets has been revitalized with recipes and delicate preparations which give a new twist and make it a premium product line within the selected gastronomy.


In Barcelona many first level hamburger locals have proliferated, where the ketchup is considered vulgar and the 100% beef meat is dressed with sophisticated sauces to please the palate such as romesco, mustard-honey, teriyaki and others which enhance the natural and ecologic ingredients.

A walk full of crafts

If to the pedestrian streets and promenades in Barcelona we add a quality product such as artisan ice cream, the experience become more enjoyable, like the fact of walking along Enric Granados, Paseo Colón or the maritime area of Barceloneta. That could be a real pleasure.

In Barcelona the ice cream culture is full of respect for the product and a rejection  of artificial products.  Ice creams are almost never labelled as homemade unless the company starts a sales technique, but their owners are engage to go to the local market every morning and to get the products which they would use as raw material for their creations, premium products and seasonal to create authentic good flavours.


Don’t believe the topics: ice creams are enjoyable the whole year, even in autumn. However if it is hard to you to eat them in December, we remind you can find other winter products like the chestnuts, sweet potatoes, “buñuelos” or “horchatas” (tiger nut juice) that populate the stands of Christmas markets and promenades in this beautiful time of the year.

The world’s top kitchen

Take away and snacks are fine, but if Barcelona is gastronomically famous is for having the most prestigious chefs in the world. Thus we find not only the “tapas” restaurant of the Adriá brothers but also cuisines from around the world which bring the creative and refined dose that requires Barcelona’s brand.

From the finest Japanese cuisine fusion with other cultures, to the most classic tapas taverns caring about presentations for the visitors and locals’ delight. To sum up, restaurants for everyone eager to  appreciate the good Catalan cuisine.

Go away from bars and restaurants where sold “wholesale” or which contain the label “tourist” in somewhere, and look for the Barcelona brand and artisan cuisine from this city, which certainly will not disappoint you.

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Culinary delights in Barcelona city
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