Barcelona Card allow to enjoy Barcelona for a low cost

Deals for a maximum enjoyment in Barcelona

January is a month to save money, but not to limit us to enjoy a city, Barcelona, which has both its cheap and its glamorous side. As an open city, Barcelona is also flexible to suit all budgets and from this blog we want to help those who have reached the first week of the year with almost empty pockets by offering you alternatives  that allow you to enjoy the Mediterranean capital without worrying about money.

Barcelona Card: the all-inclusive model for the city

The Barcelona Card is for both those wanting to save money and for those who want all the available amenities. This is a card that allows you to move around the city for free by any means of the transport network in Barcelona, either by subway, bus or even by train.

This card also includes significant discounts to the major museums and monuments (including the Casa Batlló), riding a “Golondrina” (a familiar and endearing boat very appreciated by locals and that shows you the secrets of the port of Barcelona), discounts in restaurants and shops and tourist attractions like the Tibidabo Park, the Barcelona Zoo,the  Aquarium etc.

ArticketBCN: a card with a cultural goal

Enjoying the stunning Pedrera building from the inside and walking around the winding roof is indescribable and worth living in Barcelona … but the 20 euro entrance fee can make us think it twice and we’ll just observe the spectacular facade from the outside, in the Paseo de Gràcia.

What few people know is that this building together with important and unmissable museums including CCCB, MACBA, MNAC, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Joan Miró and the Museu Picasso, are available to anyone for just 30 euros. You only have to acquire this card that opens the doors of the most exclusive and unforgettable Catalan culture.

Mercé and another celebrations in Barcelona allow to enjoyt the city for free

Do you want to have a great enjoyment for free in Barcelona? Come to the Mercé

Although it may seem early to schedule a trip so far in advance (La Merce isn’t celebrated until the week of September 24), it may be the perfect time to start a travel project for this year.

Besides being the most important week in the city and filled with activities, parties and colourful, many tourist attractions and hidden corners of the city are opened to the public for free. Despite the large queues, it may be the perfect occasion to visit monuments with prices at other times “prohibitive”, such as the Sagrada Familia, as well as free good concerts and many other culture attractions that will certainly be affordable for everybody.

If the weekend of the Merce is not suitable for you, you have other days to enjoy a boundless cultural agenda for zero euros-for instance, La Nit dels Museus (mid-May) or the 48 h Open House Festival, where gems like the bomb shelters of Poble Sec or Gracia, or the Venetian towers of the Plaza de España are opened to the public.

The night of the museums open the doors of the best museums of Barcelona for free

An affordable city if you plan your visit

Do not let yourself be fooled with the undeserved topic: Barcelona is not expensive and you don’t have to spend and spend for a good service nor for fully enjoying of this city. What you need is planning the visit.

Barcelona has a wide cultural agenda, and it is easy to find an offer in any season, so you have nothing more to do that adding the offers adn discounts you find in your apartment to those that for sure the city has. The last advice: search for mobile apps that provide discounts (there are many of them, you only have to choose one) and enjoy even more of this privileged city and its infinite possibilities.

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Deals for a maximum enjoyment in Barcelona
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