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Tradition, beach and gastronomy: discover La Barceloneta

Barceloneta is Barcelona’s traditional maritime neighborhood par excellence. Nowadays, it combines traditional houses and some of the most modern buildings of the city.

One of its major attractions are its big and beaches: Barceloneta, Somorrostro, Sant Sebastià and Sant Miquel. All those are easily reachable from this chic bohemian apartment in El Born.

What can we find in Barceloneta?

  • Tradition

Almost uninhabited until the middle of the 18th century, this area was later occupied by fishermen and metallurgy workers. That’s why this neighbourhood still conserves its traditional charm and its close magic.

You can walk from the bohemian ambience of El Born to the traditional scene of Barceloneta and enjoy great sunset views with the arriving of the fishing boats that unload their fishes to make an auction with them later.

Narrow streets, colourful buildings with walls that got dark because of the sea salt, hanged clothes to the sun, people with chairs in the middle of the street calmly talking… can you feel the special environment we talk about?

  • Beaches

Buildings in Barceloneta could be the best apartments in Barcelona for those who love the sea. Just imagine getting up in the morning, going downstairs and…you’re on the beach! That’s the dream!

There’s nothing better to fight against high summer temperatures than a refreshing bath in Mediterranean waters. Then you can sunbathe and let the sun to dry the remaining water of your body. This feeling is priceless.

Additionally, if you’re a sports fan, you can find many people playing volleyball, beach football and beach paddle ball. That’s a wonderful way of meeting new people and doing some sport.

  • Gastronomy

We’re having a wonderful day in Barceloneta walking aimlessly through its beautiful streets, having a beach bath, but now it’s lunch time… where do we go?

Don’t worry! In Barceloneta there are plenty of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy of traditional Catalan gastronomy.

We can start with traditional tapas like calamari and “patatas bravas” while we drink a fresh vermouth with olives. After that, we can choose between a huge variety of different kind of rice such as paella, fideuà, with lobster, rabbit, vegetables or shellfish. And finally, prepare your palates for the dessert: Catalan cream, one of the Catalan gastronomic jewels made of egg yolk, crunchy caramelised sugar, and milk with cinnamon or lemon.

Among all those traditional restaurants we can find Wave Restaurant: the restaurant of the W Hotel. W building is 98,8 meters of high with sail form and façade made of glass. During daytime, light’s reflection in its façade make wonderful and colorful effects and at night it gets illuminated with different colors and shapes.

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Additionally, Barceloneta also counts with the Catalan History Museum, the Clock Tower (built in 1772 as port’s lighthouse) and a cable car to go to Miramar viewpoint and enjoy the views of the port.

Maritime soul and history, beautiful beaches where relaxing and traditional restaurants where we can enjoy of gifts to our palates. All this and even more can be found in Barceloneta!


Tradition, beach and gastronomy: discover La Barceloneta
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