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Discover the best Christmas Catalan gastronomy

Every single region of every single country has its own customs and traditions when it comes to celebrating Christmas. In Catalonia there is a wide range of Christmas traditions, but today we will talk about Catalan gastronomy that we can enjoy in this special time of the year. While the typical meal of the summer always includes a paella in Barcelona, winter meals are a little different.

Any celebration begins, as in almost all places, with appetizers or assorted starters and taking advantage of regional products, typical sausages, ham, prawns, prawns, olives, and so on.

But the Delicious surprise comes with the main dishes. Let’s discover all the delicious food that the Catalan gastronomy provides!

Escudella i carn de l’olla

In Christmas Day in Catalonia, families meet and share a great meal: Escudella de Nadal. This Catalan variety of the traditional stew is really common during the autumn/winter season.

This delicious dish mixes the broth to boil the vegetables with a pasta (called galets), to which is incorporated a big meatball (called pilota) similar to a rugby ball.

The result is a hot and delicious dish that serves both to calm the hunger of even the most voracious and to combat the cold typical of these dates. So do not hesitate to leave your apartment in Via Laietana and find a restaurant to taste this amazing dish of the Catalan gastronomy.

Christmas Canelloni

On the 26th of December, the feast of Saint Stephen, the cannelloni of Saint Stephen or Christmas cannelloni have their inescapable presence in Catalan homes. Traditionally, this dish is prepared as a way of making the most of any leftover meat from Christmas Eve dinner, although nowadays few houses actually make them with leftovers.

Galets soup

This traditional soup is usually eaten on December 25th . It is a very substantial broth, in which large pasta snails called galets are put, which are filled with pilota, a mixture of minced meat. A very comforting dish for the cold of winter, do not fail to taste it.


It is also worth enjoying the typical Catalan sweets of these dates, such as the typical Christmas nougat, or recipes based on neules, such as bombons farcits de neules. And at last but not least… Why not some drinks based on genuine Catalan cava? Give a touch of freshness to your table with a lemon sorbet with cava and a soft cava mousse.

A dessert with surprises

This sweet dessert has a lot of different names all around Spain: Tortell de Reis, Coca de Reyes, or Roscón de Reyes. It is eaten on Three Kings Day, after lunch. Although the name indicates that it should be round, the roscón de reyes generally has an oval shape.

It is decorated with candied fruit and nuts. The Tortell contains two surprises and tradition says that whoever finds the figurine of a king or a crown in his portion will be named “king of the party”.

On the other hand, whoever is less fortunate and finds a bean will have to pay for the tortell.

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Discover the best Christmas Catalan gastronomy
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