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Discover what AinB can do for you to enjoy your stay in Barcelona

When visiting Barcelona you will probably find a wide range of possibilities concerning accommodation. From hotels, to youth hostels or even apartments. Actually, we strongly believe that the apartment rental in Barcelona is the best option when visiting the city.

If you rent an apartment you will have a closer approach to local life. Whilst hotels and hostels keep tourists in a touristic environment, apartments set the city and its inhabitants closer to the visitors. Renting an apartment in Barcelona is the best choice if you want to feel part of the city and its life.

“Rent an apartment in the historic district of Barcelona and you will feel closer to the city and its inhabitants”

Moreover, this accommodation option offers you a much bigger autonomy. With no timetables at all and with total control of your kitchen you will really feel at home. What if you want to have breakfast at midday? Or what if you rather cook something quick for dinner instead of spending more money on another restaurant?

How can AinB help me?

Apartments in Barcelona is nowadays the leading company in apartments to rent for short term in Barcelona. There are several reasons why.

On one hand, our apartments are located on the historic district of the city where most of the things happen in Barcelona. You can choose between Barceloneta and its beach, Born and its trendiness, Gothic and its history or Raval and its multiculturalism. All of them great choices when getting a closer picture of this mediterranean city.

On the other hand, in Apartments in Barcelona we are really keen on taking care of our customers. That’s why we decided to have our own personal in each of our buildings, to be sure that all your needs are satisfied at all times.

Moreover, our apartments are fully equipped with TV, WiFi, air conditioning, kitchen and everything you need to have a comfortable stay on your holidays or business trip.

We also like to offer competitive prices to our customers. Thanks to our affordable prices our apartments receive all kind of visitors; from students to families, couples or individuals. Depending on the length of your visit, you will be able to choose between a daily, weekly or even monthly rental.

You can always check our special offers and apartments on our website, where you can also check the availability and easily book your favorite one during the dates you need it. For example, you will receive a 15% discount for early bird booking, that means booking your apartment one month in advance before your arrival. You will also enjoy a 5% discount if you book for a minimum of 3 nights or you will get a free breakfast on your first morning, free parking and group discounts when booking through our website.

So don’t hesitate to check out our apartments in Barcelona. The most cosmopolitan city of the Mediterranean that won’t leave you indifferent at all.

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Discover what AinB can do for you to enjoy your stay in Barcelona
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