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Discovering El Born: a bohemian and unique neighbourhood

There are plenty of reasons to visit Mediterranean coast. This area has some great cities such as Barcelona, Valencia or Alicante and we find astonishing landscapes there: beaches with white sand and crystalline waters, charming medieval villages with castles, walls and amazing bridges and a delicious and healthy gastronomy based on olive oil are some of the most known distinguishing marks of Mediterranean coast.

Barcelona is not an exception. This great city has different beaches, a great gastronomy and the charm of small villages all around its varied neighbourhoods. El Raval, Gothic Quarter or Eixample are good examples of the different environments and styles we find along the city.

Today we will talk about El Born, a truly special neighbourhood of Barcelona where we find some important cultural building such as Palau de la Música Catalana (Barcelona’s main concert hall) or the famous museum of the fantastic painter Pablo Picasso in Barcelona.

Indefinable and unique style

El Born is a neighborhood of the city of Barcelona that stretches around the Passeig del Born, the Mercat del Born and the church of Santa Maria del Mar. It is delimited by the Paseo de Picasso, Carrer de la Princesa to Carrer del Rec, Passeig del Born, Santa Maria del Mar, Pla de Palau and Avinguda del Marquès de l’Argentera.

El Born is an area considered a contrasting neighbourhood, since the historic Barcelona coexists with shops of risky, innovative tendencies with fashion, art and gastronomy proposals.

So, don’t hesitate to rent an apartment in El Born and discover by yourself all the secrets of this lovely neighbourhood.

Varied Gastronomy

When visiting El Born and walking around its streets, we find a wide range of different bars, pubs, coffee shops and restaurants with a varied gastronomic offer: Mexican, Italian, Venezuelan, Indian, Japanese, traditionally Catalan… For sure, we will find the meal we are looking for and it will be just delicious.

There are also many places where we can enjoy yummy ice-creams and milkshakes with all the flavours we can imagine.

Mercat del Born: a special market

El Born is also a cultural hub in Barcelona. There, we find amazing spots such as Mercat del Born (Born Market), which is a former public market and one of the most important buildings in Barcelona. In fact, it is the largest covered square in all of Europe and marked the start of Modernisme in Catalan architecture.

Currently, the market covers archaeological ruins which were part of the la Ribera district that was demolished in the early eighteenth century after the defeat of Catalonia in the War of Succession in 1714. Thus, the Mercar del Born exposes the subterranean ruins for visitors while preserving space around the exterior of them for mixed use, cultural center, in addition to having a museum about the War of Succession onsite. At the same time, it is now possible for pedestrians to pass freely from Passeig del Born through to the other side that leads to the park of Ciutadella.


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Discovering El Born: a bohemian and unique neighbourhood
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