Enjoy Barcelona for free: free special things to do in the city

Barcelona is considered by many visitors as a remarkable city. Millions of people flock into it every month to get a taste of the food, the architecture, the history, the beaches, the ramblas and the atmosphere. No matter what you are into, one thing is for sure: you will find it in Barcelona.

Additionally, most people when they are planning their vacation somewhere, they place huge emphasis on the money side of things. From tickets to accommodation to activities and admission fees, money is a very important aspect of everyone’s planning. And this is why most of the cities make sure to provide free activities and things for a tourist to do on a budget. In this article we will provide you with some of the best free things to do in the city during your visit. Barcelona for free is possible!

History sights for free

First, if you are interested in the history and the legacy of the Romans during their stay in Barcelona, then the City History Museum is for you. The excavations that took place during the 1930’s and 1960’s unveiled houses, wine cellars, bath and alleys. Entrance to the museum is free every Sunday from 3pm to 8pm and on the first Sunday of every month it is for free all day long. Also, the MACBA museum has some free admission days. More specifically, every Saturday from 4 to 8 pm and during the International Museum Day and Night of the Museums and the Merce Festival free admission also applies for certain hours. Last but not least, the Temple of Augustus, a 2,000 year old temple stuck inside a house has free admission. You can find it at the highest point of the Roman city. After you enter the house, you will find four impressive columns waiting for you.


Parks and recreation

Barcelona is famous for its many parks where you can go relax, breathe fresh air and enjoy the view. One of them is the Montjüic Castle that offers a great view of the city and the port. You can walk around the castle for free and from there you can go to the Mirador de l’Alcalde, a place that also offers great views. Furthermore, do not miss your chance to go to Tibidado, an amusement park dating back to the 1905 located at the top along with the Church of the Sacred Heart.

Lastly, if you plan to visit Barcelona with your children, they are many great places for them to have fun. For example, in the Sants park, just outside the station, there is a slide called the Dragon that kids will definitely love. And if you are concerned also about accommodation in Barcelona, we suggest you rent an apartment near Sants, for example, or near MACBA. You will be close to all the sights and attractions, you will enjoy all the amenities you would have had in a hotel but also get to live as a local and taste the feeling of being part of a great city.

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Enjoy Barcelona for free: free special things to do in the city
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