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Enjoy Christmas Holidays in an apartment in Barcelona

Christmas is, indeed, an especial time of the year. Streets are decorated with beautiful lights and crèches, houses are also decorated with Christmas trees, mistletoe and holly; and despite the cold weather, you can notice some magic touch in the environment.

There are plenty of different cultures and traditions all around the world, and Christmas celebrations are not an exception. This way, we can find varied Christmas traditions depending on the geographical area we analyze.

We love travelling and discovering new cultures, so we suggest a different Christmas plan: rent an apartment in Barcelona these holidays and discover Spanish and Catalan Christmas decoration and tradition. We are sure that the magic of this city will make your Christmas holidays a totally unforgettable experience!

Live Christmas Shows

During this period of the year, theaters and concert halls have a special programming with interesting and thematic plays.

In Palau de la Música we can enjoy St. Esteban concert on 26th of December, or Johann Strauss New Year’s concert on 31st of December. Palau de la Música is a breath-taking modernistic building located in El Born neighborhood, an area of the city with tones of charm and personality. We can easily reach this astonishing construction designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner from this chic bohemian apartment.

Let’s walk and enjoy!

As we previously said, Christmas is a time of the year when streets are decorated and cities breathe a special and magic charm. In the specific case of Barcelona, streets are full of lights and we can find several crèches (with both modern and traditional styles) in the squares.

This way, going for a walk is a wonderful plan when staying in Barcelona for Christmas. So, get your jacket, gloves, scarf and wool hat and discover all the amazing corners of the city.

Additionally, Christmas markets are placed all around the city. There, we can find traditional Catalan pieces of Christmas decoration such as “caganers” and “caga tiós”.

More Christmas markets

If you are a Christmas markets’ lover and you have already visited the markets located in Barcelona, don’t worry, we have good news!

Every small village in the surroundings of Barcelona has its own Christmas market. Therefore, visiting these villages from our apartment in Barcelona is a perfect way to know the beautiful and unique small towns in Catalonia.

You will be amazed by these medieval villages with stone buildings, rich tradition and delicious gastronomy.

Yummy Christmas

Discovering new cultures means discovering new gastronomies, which is a great chance to enjoy the exquisite delicacy of Catalan dishes.

We can have hot and restorative snacks to fight against cold such as chocolate with churros or roasted chestnuts. We can also enjoy delicious Catalan cold cuts or prawns and langoustines, which are a really common dish during this period. Another common Catalan product with its own Designation of Origin is Cava.

After all this feast, we can finish with a sweet touch with some nougats and bonbons.

Taking all this into account, spending Chritsmas holidays in an apartment in Barcelona is an exciting way of visiting this magical city and discovering its culture and tradition, isn’t it?


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Enjoy Christmas Holidays in an apartment in Barcelona
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