Sant Jordi´s Day

Enjoy Sant Jordi in a Barcelona studio for rent

Sant Jordi is a day that people live in a special way in Barcelona. Every April 23 the streets of the Catalan capital are filled with books and roses to offer as a present: a beautiful tradition easily enjoyable from a Barcelona studio for rent in the key places of this hundred-year-old celebration. This is something that definitely you should not miss.

What is special about this day in Barcelona?

What makes  so special the day of Sant Jordi in Barcelona is that it is also the International Book Day, so it combines tradition, culture and love. The city becomes a huge outdoors books market, which is used this day to celebrate the “Catalan St. Valentine’s Day”.

All Catalans celebrate this day by giving a book and a rose to their loved ones, even if they are not lovers. In this way, parents and children, wives and husbands, close friends and almost everyone receive a gift in the form of culture and the beauty of a flower.

This day is one of those days in which is worth going out and not only enjoying the pleasant weather at this time in Barcelona, but also the sea of roses and locals which flood the city in one of the most beautiful folk traditions.

Enjoy Barcelona in Sant Jordi's Day

Where is Sant Jordi celebrated?

Absolutely all city streets are decorated for this day, and apart from the main protagonism played by the main shopping centers in Barcelona  which sell the leading literary figures of the country and occasionally some international authors, also individuals and small businesses take their stand on the street to sell books and roses.

However, the epicentre of the celebration is undoubtedly the Rambla de Catalunya. Having an apartment in Muntaner will allow you to enjoy from early in the morning seeing how these boulevards of downtown become lively markets and how the locals live with special pleasure one of the days marked on the calendar.

Take the opportunity to walk when it is not very warm yet, and, above all, avoid the crowds that occur at rush hour and the places where the most popular writers sign books. Just feel free to browse among the stands, perfectly decorated and presented to the occasion, and see who sign books at different points of the city, as they are often first-level personalities and even famous singers.

April is a good ocassion to enjoy Sant Jordi in a Barcelona studio for rent

What to offer on Sant Jordi’s Day?

The book and the rose are the standard gifts and almost an obligation, so it can be an excellent souvenir for your return trip or a nice gift for your loved ones. Traditionally the rose comes wrapped in the “senyera” (flag with red and yellow stripes, the symbol of Catalonia) and some wheat symbolizing fertility. Many other stands offer antiquarian articles, which can be found next to priceless books, jewelry and objects from the past.

Other gift for this day which can be done by us is the delicious cake of Sant Jordi: a delicious cake made of biscuit filled with cream and truffle which is covered with Catalan cream (cream of toasted yolks). In many establishments we can see the cake culminated with candied fruit in red stripes to symbolize the Catalan flag.

Do not hesitate and take advantage of mid-April to enjoy Sant Jordi, the Mediterranean climate and a city full of life that will not cease to amaze you.


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Enjoy Sant Jordi in a Barcelona studio for rent
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