Enjoy Sitges Carnaval from a studio in Barcelona

Enjoy Sitges Carnaval from a studio in Barcelona

Besides the food, the tapas, the museums, the rich history, the sights and the many parks and activities you can do there, Spain, Barcelona and the small town of Sitges are also known among tourists and locals alike for something else.

Every year for a whole week, just before the beginning of Lent, more than 250,000 people flock to the town to enjoy one of the biggest carnivals in the world. Taking place usually around the beginning of February it hosts a huge variety of parties, parades, festivals and many colorful and fun costumes.

Sitges is a small town about 35 kilometers from Barcelona, located on the Mediterranean coast. During the Carnival it really lights up and acquires that exuberant character for which it is well known. Sitges, also, is renowned for being one of the bigger hubs and the gay capital of Europe. And the carnival and its parades constitute a great opportunity for many beautiful people from around the world to get together. People are dancing and partying in the street all night long, two large parades feature more than 50 floats and the sound of drums keep you awake.

Every year, the dates of the events and the parades change so make sure you check online so as not to miss anything and plan your trip accordingly. Always, though, the beginning of the festivities will be on Fat Thursday with the arrival of the king and will end on Ash Wednesday with the burial of a sardine effigy on the beach. This symbolizes the end of the fun and the beginning of the 40 days of lent and abstinence. So, make sure you hit one of the barbecues on the beach and try the local delicacies.


Sitges Carnaval from a studio in Barcelona


A great idea, if you wish to enjoy Sitges’ carnival but also combine it with a trip to Barcelona, is to rent a studio or apartment in Barcelona and travel to Sitges for the festival. Make sure, though, to book your studio in advance since during that period it is always crowded and if you book last minute you might not find accommodation or it will be too expensive. There are many transport options from Barcelona to Sitges, for you to choose from. The cheapest and fastest way is by train but also buses are very convenient with some buses running 24/7.

If you are looking for a studio to rent in Barcelona, AinB offers a huge variety of options and prices in many neighborhoods. One area that has many studios for rent is Eixample. All the studios are fully furnished and have many amenities.

Another great place that has many options to choose from is the quirky neighborhood of Born – Ciutat Vella. It is close to the beach and its Ramblas are home to many bars, cafes and restaurant. In average, studios in the area host 2 people making it ideal for couples but you can also find options that can host a group of friends or family.

Whether you are a tourist or a student visiting Spain, we are certain that you will enjoy the Sitges carnival and its vibrant character. You can rent a studio in Barcelona, get to see the city and its many sights and combine it with a visit to Sitges for the festival.


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Enjoy Sitges Carnaval from a studio in Barcelona
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