Carnival in Sitges

Enjoy the best carnival in Sitges

Late January becomes every year as those days in which we are able to recover the festive mood after the depression of the beginning of the month.  The carnival atmosphere surrounds us and the colorful and festive images come back. In the case of Barcelona, the city itself offers a complete program of activities which should be kept in mind, but if we want to enjoy the best carnival, we have it a few minutes at the nearby charming town of Sitges. How to enjoy the best carnival in Sitges?

The best carnival in Sitges in just 35 minutes

Sitges has an excellent connection with the city of Barcelona which is even better during the days of carnival. We can easily take a train in the Sants Railway Station at any time (the service is only interrupted during a few hours at dawn) and return to Barcelona when we have already tried all the possibilities of the rich leisure offer in Sitges.

If just 35 minutes by train seems too much time for us, we must consider that the fun may be also found on our way to Sitges: on these trains you will enjoy seeing other already dressed people and hearing them singing songs as if they were getting ready for the party, so the trip will not be a break in your plan but a part of it.

Sitges railway station is located in the historic center, so we just need to follow the people or stroll the streets sloping down and we will be taken directly to the Mediterranean promenade, the epicentre of the carnival party.

Enjoy Sitges from Barcelona

Keep an eye on the festival program

Sitges has a day for every type of person who wants to enjoy the carnival: from family plans, colourful parades, and parties full of colour plans. It is for this reason that we need to think  about our party mood and who we travel with, so we can choose which day among the festival program suits us the most.  

Sitges Carnival is celebrated this year from 4th  to 10th February, Thursday and Friday being the days with more family activities including visits and rides of the Carnestoltes (Catalan fictional character who represents the carnival festive image and leads all the celebrations) and the queen of carnival.

If we want a bit of movement and nightlife, Saturday night, Sunday and especially on Tuesday are our perfect plan. An impressive parade of floats, dances and festive themed costumes with a lot of people that flood the village becomes a celebration party and an ode to the good life.

The best carnival in Sitges is only 35 minutes from Barcelona

Remember: Barcelona never says no to a good plan

The fact that we recommend Sitges as the epicentre of the carnival is because the celebration of this holidays in this beautiful seaside village are well known, but that does not mean that Barcelona does not have its own celebration party.

If we place our “carnival headquarters” in a good location, close to both cities (a good example may be an apartment in Entenza), we will enjoy a few days in which we can  combine Sitges with other plans in the Catalan capital as the “Dijous Gras” at the Mercat de Santa Caterina, the arrival of the King of Carnestoltes for rides in the downtown, the masquerade, the Taronjada or the Battle of Carnival and the famous end of the party: the traditional Burial of the Sardine.

In Barcelona, as it could not be otherwise,  in addition to the city centre, you can enjoy the carnival in different neighbourhoods, being particularly recommended those taking place in Poblenou, with a parade of the most colorful and fun part of the city.

Torello, El Prat, Solsona … are other towns near Barcelona where you can experience carnival in a different way. Do not miss the Carnival and enjoy Barcelona even in winter!


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Enjoy the best carnival in Sitges
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