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Family plans in Barcelona? Zoo & Ciutadella Park

Barcelona is a wonderful city to visit, no matter if you travel alone, with friends, with your partner or even the whole family. This Mediterranean city has such a wide offer of tourism and entertainment, so it’s almost impossible having a quiet day.

If you’re travelling with children, the possibilities are infinite. The offer of family plans in Barcelona is huge: from a visit to Camp Nou where children can feel like their idols Messi or Iniesta to discovering and learning about aquatic fauna in the Aquarium.

In this post, we’ll talk about Ciutadella Park, a huge park with a zoo where children can run, play and learn.

Ciutadella Park

Ciutadella park is a beautiful park placed in Ciutat Vella district. You can easily find it walking down Passeig de Sant Joan from the enormous and colourful Arc del Triomf or walking just five minutes from this chic and bohemian apartment in El Born.

One of the most famous fountains in Barcelona is located in Ciutadella Park. As you can see in the photo on the top, the fountain has a little waterfall and its decorated with sculptures representing different Greek Gods and mythological figures such as gryphons and fauns.

In the middle of the park, there’s a lake where you can sail a little boat and contemplate the beauty of the swans that swim in those waters.

Ciutadella park has an area of 17,42 hectares and is full of green spaces where people play sports, juggle, play music or just chill and relax. That’s why visiting this park is one of the best family plans in Barcelona. There, children are continuously entertained listening live music, playing sports with new friends or just enjoying the beauty of the mix of sculptures and nature this park offers.

The park also counts with a bandstand where people play different kinds of music and dance. Usually, dancing teams train their choreographies there, so you can find from tap dancers to cheerleaders.

Next to the fountain with the waterfall, there’s a 3-meter sculpture of a mammoth. Both children and adults love it and it’s one of the most photographed sculptures in the park.

Barcelona Zoo

In the south area of the park you’ll find Barcelona Zoo, a centre for conservation, investigation and education about animals. This zoo became famous thanks to one of its guests: Snowflake.

Snowflake was a Western lowland gorilla with a special characteristic, he was the unique albino gorilla in the world, which means he had a mutation that made his skin and hair white.

A Snowflake’s photo was the cover of the National Geographic Magazine in 1967 and it made him worldly famous. Snowflake became a symbol of the city of Barcelona.

In addition to that, Barcelona zoo has 1191 trees with more than 96 different species, so animals are not the only attractive of the zoo, but also the beautiful walk surrounded by nature from all above the world.

Now that you know about this wonderful park, don’t hesitate to prepare a picnic and enjoy a sunny day together with live music and dancing, beautiful surroundings and a visit to the zoo.


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Family plans in Barcelona? Zoo & Ciutadella Park
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