Five tips to live an open-air film festival in Barcelona during summer

There are various reasons why people prefer and visit Barcelona all year long. Some do it for the rich culture and history, the architecture, the museums. Others for the food, the ramblas, the beaches and the vibrant people and atmosphere.

Barcelona is a touristic attraction for all seasons. The truth is whenever you choose to visit the jewel of Catalonia, there are always things to see, visit and experience and you will never feel bored. There are, though, certain aficionados that believe that Barcelona is better during the summer. One of the reasons that they do so is the many open-air films festivals in Barcelona. You can find, during the summer months, many different open-air locations where movies are shown. The most famous is the one at the Castle of Montjuïc. Also, the ones that take place in the courtyard of the CCCB and sometimes on the beach of Barceloneta are also known. In this article we will present you with 5 basic tips for you to enjoy a film festival.


How to enjoy an open-air film festival

Preparation is everything

First tip and step to enjoy an open-air film festival is preparation. We suggest you check online the schedules and times of your favorite movies so you do not miss the beginning. Check also if the movie you want to see will have English or Spanish subtitles or you might not enjoy it at all.

Secondly, another tip is to check if admission is free or you have to pay a ticket. Also, make sure you are at the location a bit earlier because those types of events tend to get crowded and you might not be able to find a place.

And what better way to pass the time than to plan a small picnic. Many people bring to the viewings their own food, snacks and drinks to eat before, during and after the movie. You can spread a tablecloth on the ground to sit on with your friends and enjoy a great movie in a beautiful surrounding. As long as you do not leave garbage behind, you will get to experience a unique experience.

One last tip having to do with preparation: nights in Barcelona are usually hot and humid so make sure you are dressed properly. And do not forget to enjoy the surroundings. Watching a movie in those beautiful places is not something you get to do every day and certainly enhances the whole viewing experience.


Plan your accommodation accordingly

One very important thing you have to take into consideration while planning your trip to Barcelona is accommodation. We recommend you rent an apartment close to the venues where the open-air film festivals are held. For example, you can rent an apartment in Gothic Quarter so you can be close to the festivals.
Also, by renting an apartment in Barcelona you will get a chance to experience life in the city as a local while enjoying the same amenities as the ones you will have in a hotel.


Apartments in Barcelona for rent

Five tips to live an open-air film festival in Barcelona during summer
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