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Foodie trends in Barcelona you need to know for 2020

Barcelona, a city where culinary innovation is at its best and where recipes that originate from here travel all around the globe. We will present you with the foodie trends in Barcelona you need to know for 2020 and where exactly to find them.

The city boasts a huge variety of quality cuisines from all over the world and many venues that offer excellent street food.

If you are a foodie and you want to be ahead of your time when it comes to foodie trends, then Barcelona is the place for you.

Prepare for the new foodie trends in Barcelona for 2020

The culinary and cooking world is a very rapidly evolving and ever-changing world.

Keeping track of all the foodie trends is difficult on its own. Thank god, every year in Barcelona, one of the largest trade shows is organized, that of Alimentaria. In 2020, it will take place from April the 20th until the 23rd in the Gran Via venue in Barcelona.

The exhibition anticipates foodie trends and sees business opportunities well into the future. Collaborating with the tourism and food industry sectors, it emphasizes on gastronomy, innovation and trends throughout a wide range of activities.

So, if you want to partake and be the first to know foodie trends in Barcelona for the year 2020, this is the place to be.

Get to know your foodie websites

Since the city of Barcelona contains a huge variety of cuisines and foodie trends, keeping track of all is quite difficult. Thankfully many websites exist, some only in Spanish, some as well in English.

There, every new trend and innovation, every new shop and venue that opens is uploaded for you. One of them, in English, is the website. It offers much information about foodie trends in the city so as not to miss anything.

Another one is the “Doña Croqueta”, only in Spanish. It offers all the information you need about the gastronomy and the foodie culture in the city so as not to miss anything. Events, restaurants, experiences and foodie trends in Barcelona, you will find everything there.

Another trusted guide to the best food finds and foodie trends in the city is the website Barcelona Food Experience. You can browse by neighborhood and easily find places to eat and drink in each area.

Last but not least, we recommend Where’s the food Barcelona that acts as a foodie guide through various photographs.

All those websites are great if you want to learn beforehand the foodie trends in Barcelona.

You can rent an apartment close to all the areas that offer great food and get to live life like a local and not a tourist. In the culinary and food sector, one thing is for certain: Barcelona has many things to offer.

Foodie trends in Barcelona you need to know for 2020
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