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Guide to survive in Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is the paradise transformed into hell: a mythical boulevard of Barcelona, the heart of the city and, as such, it throbs all the time. Sometimes too much, becoming a coming and going of people of all types and where at peak times, it may be impossible to walk without feeling a certain hatred towards the human race and their habit to invade specific places … But let us not be fooled by the mass tourism experience: the Ramblas remain a must-see in Barcelona and one of its most charming and, why not, enjoyable spots. In order to enjoy it, we give some recommendations so that we can appreciate the Ramblas as it is: a jewel of the city.

Enjoy an apartment in las Ramblas is more than crowded places

Visit the Ramblas thoroughly, don’t go from one place to another

One of the main problems in Las Ramblas is that it is never visited properly, we don’t appreciate it. The nervous tourists often use the Ramblas as a transit point between the centre of Barcelona (Plaça Catalunya) and the waterfront (Columbus monument), noting only what you can see from one side to another without stopping to observe the wonders hidden beyond the Liceu and the Miró mosaic.

Of course, the best way to immerse ourselves in this special avenue is through its central promenade, surrounded by banana trees and elegant Parisian-inspired decor, avoiding at all costs the lateral sidewalks. We will be able to visit the Raval or Ciutat Vella in another moment: now is the time to tour this magnificent ride.

Do not hesitate to enjoy one apartment in Las Ramblas like the Umbrella's House

What to see on the Ramblas: small details

We already said it: Liceus and Mirós aside, the Ramblas is much more. In its small details resides its beauty, so do not let them remain unnoticed. Its buildings are part of the most authentic modernism and worth observing in the path marked by the City Council. we can mention some of the special corners such as the front of the Nadal  Pharmacy, the windows of Escribá pastry, the passage Bacardí, and especially the house of umbrellas, whose facade topped a dragon, tiles with Chinese motifs and umbrellas, so many umbrellas.

But the Ramblas is also useful to appreciate what makes Barcelona a unique city: its people and its diverse “wildlife”. In the Ramblas we can see not only tourists but stately Barcelona citizens looking for to the cultural and political developments that bring the Liceu and Ateneo respectively, the famous hipsters who kept alive the cosmopolitan spirit of the city, assembly’s representatives who use it as a showcase for their reasonable proposals and florists, newsagents, mimes and human statues that are already part of the postcards of the city.

Paviment Miró in Las Ramblas

What to see on the Ramblas: the greatest hits

Now is the moment: the spirit of las Ramblas is very well appreciated  in small details, but also in big ones. And this boulevard hosts monumental spaces of Barcelona as the named Liceu and Miró’s mosaic, but also the Mercat de la Boqueria, the entrance to the Plaza Real, the Banca passage (with the wax museum ), the Santa Monica art centre, the Drassanes and finally, the Columbus monument.

Columbus statue at the end of Las Ramblas

The potential burden of the crowd should not stop you: do not hesitate to come and visit the Mercat de la Boqueria and taste some of its delights, either in the same market either to cook in your apartment in Las Ramblas or to take away. Stop to appreciate the facade neoclassical of the Liceo from the mosaic that Miró, made to welcome visitors. Visit the Plaza Real and get lost by its arcades, take a snack at the wax museum cafe, curiously decorated and furnished like an enchanted forest, and, finally, dare to approach the Columbus monument from the small elevator that is hidden inside.

Las Ramblas is a magical place, somewhere which  you cannot miss and you should enjoy, from the beginning to the end.

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Guide to survive in Las Ramblas
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