Hidden beaches around Barcelona

Best unique and hidden beaches around Barcelona

Is it summer already and are you stuck in front of a computer trying to figure out your holidays? The months before summer holidays everyone is puzzled about where they should go, what they will do there and what is the best location that combines everything. Well, many have already found the answer to that.

Over and over again they choose Barcelona for their summer holidays. This unique city combines a vibrant atmosphere with great history, architecture, buildings and art along with lively people, tapas and ramblas. And for those that are fans of the beach, Barcelona has many unique and hidden beaches that you can go for a swim. We will present you in this article with some of the best for your enjoyment. Many of those are just out of Barcelona so they are ideal for a day trip. We will provide you with any information you might need about getting and staying there so you do not miss out.

Top hidden beaches around Barcelona


  1. Platja del Portitxol: This exquisite beach is very close to the Archaeological Museum in Empúries, somewhere between L’Escala and Sant Marti d’Empúries. What is amazing about this beach is its natural surroundings. There is a pine forest around and the beach is quite extensive with golden sand. The water are crystal and calm and also you will have access to showers, restrooms and to the terrace of the Empúries hotel, very close to the beach.
  2. Cala Futadera: Located in Tossa de Mar, in Girona, this beach is known for many reasons. One of them is that you have to climb 300 steps or graons in Spanish to reach it. Not many people frequent the beach due to its location and the pine trees around it make up a unique paradise. The waters are again crystal and turquoise and this beach is a nudist one. Many people anchor their boat there spending the whole day there and enjoy the great view during sunset.
  3. Platja de Sant Simó – del Fortí o “del Bunker”: If you are not interested only in swimming but also in history, this is the beach for you. It is located in Mataró and it is considered to be one of the most well-known hidden beaches close to Barcelona. Golden sands, crystal waters, ability to go nude and not so many people are its fine characteristics. But what strikes the most is the Spanish Civil War bunker that is located right on the beach.


Beaches and accommodation


Anyone that has gone for a swim during their summer holidays will tell you that accommodation is of vital importance. Nobody wants to carry bags, backpacks, wet towels, umbrellas and food for long. In order to resolve this, we suggest you rent an apartment in Barcelona near public transportation, for example in Sants. Since most of the beaches are outside of Barcelona you will save time and money traveling from and to the beach. And finally, you will get to experience life in Barcelona as a true local.


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Best unique and hidden beaches around Barcelona
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