hiking routes in Barcelona

Hiking routes in Barcelona from your apartment for rent

Travelling is a great way of discovering new places, learning about different cultures and developing your personality and your knowledge. It is, indeed, one of the most enriching experiences.

But travelling can be also a sportive experience. This way, we will be able to discover more natural places and enjoy of playing sport in a different environment than the one we usually live. Is there something better than exploring a new destination while you play your favourite sport? This is not only an exciting activity, but also a healthy routine.

Barcelona is the perfect city for those who are looking for a sportive day. In fact, we find several bike routes from Barcelona. But if you are not a bike-lover, don’t worry!

There are also plenty of hiking routes in Barcelona where you can directly connect to nature and forget the noisy city center and the annoying traffic jams.

Here you have some wonderful hiking routes to enjoy while visiting Barcelona.

Montjuïc Hills

Montjuïc park is a perfect place to go hiking and enjoy some of the most amazing views of Barcelona and the Mediterranean coast. Additionally, this beautiful hill is full of vegetation and green areas to stroll by and have a relaxed time far from the crowd and noise of the city.

In Montjuïc we find two great attraction such as Barcelona Historical Botanic Garden and National Art Museum of Catalonia. Additionally, at the top of the mountain there’s a magnificent fortress built in 1751.

One of its sides is located just next to the sea, while the other one is next to Plaza España, a beautiful square where you can find a shopping centre built in an old bull-fighting square, a great classic fountain and two big towers inspired by St. Marco’s Tower in Venice.

So, do not hesitate to hike around this great hill, which is located just some minutes away from your apartment in Eixample.

Collserola Natural Park

Collserola Natural Park is an 8.000-hectare natural area which counts with a wide range of fauna and flora. In fact, we find over a thousand major plants and more than thirty plant communities.

This mountain range separates Barcelona from Vallès plain, and it is the largest metropolitan park in the whole world. Its area is 22 larger than Central Park.

Imagine all the hiking routes we can enjoy through this immense forest area! The possibilities are almost infinite. We can get lost in the forest and enjoy the calm and relaxing sound of silence!

Cami de Ronda

The Cami de Ronda (Ronda footpath in English) is a footpath built all along the Costa Brava coast.

The beauty of this path is incomparable. This way, we can hike and enjoy the most beautiful little and hided beaches, where we can also take a bath.

There are several routes we can take, either easy ones or longer excursions. In this second scenario, we will need a tent to spend the night.


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Hiking routes in Barcelona from your apartment for rent
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