how to arrive at an apartment for rent in barcelona

How to arrive at an apartment for rent in Barcelona

We have been planning our trip to Barcelona for months. We have investigated and compared through different websites all the prices, opinions and locations of every apartment in Barcelona. We have also found the cheapest way to arrive in this beautiful city.

And finally, here we are. Barcelona is waiting for us. But first of all, we should go to the apartment we have rented and leave our heavy baggage. Which is the best option?

Depending on where we are, we should consider the different possibilities we have in order to go to the city center. Are we in Barcelona Airport, or in Sants Station? Is money a problem, or are we travelling with a big budget?

In this post, we explain how to arrive at an apartment for rent in Barcelona.

 Landing in Barcelona

We found really cheap plane tickets thanks to a flights comparator and, after a pleasant flight, we have just landed in El Prat Airport. How do we arrive at our apartment in Eixample?

Going to the city center by taxi is the easiest solution, but also the most expensive. If we have a generous budget, this is the most comfortable option, but not always the fastest. Barcelona is a big city where traffic jams are frequent during some hours of the day.

We can also go to out apartment by train. There is a train station next to the airport with different lines that will allow us to go almost every neighborhood in Barcelona.

Bus is also an option. It is cheap and we can find a bus just in front of the airport every 5 minutes.

In case we booked a car rental, we can find in El Prat Airport plenty of companies that develop this activity.

Sants train station

If we arrive in Barcelona by train, we will probably be in Sants station. There, we can take a taxi, bus or commuter train just the same as in the airport. But in Sants station we can also take the metro. We will find two different lines: 3 (green) and 5 (blue).

Sants train station is not far from city center, so our trips to our apartment for rent will be shorter and soon we will be ready to start visiting the Catalan capital.

But if we can´t wait to start discovering Barcelona, we can visit Plaça Espanya, which is very near to Sants. In Plaça Espanya we can find a bull ring transformed into a mall, a beautiful fountain and the majestic Montjuïc hill.

North bus station

When we arrive in Barcelona by bus, we park in North bus station, located just next to Arc del Triomf and Ciutadella Park. This is one of the most centric points in Barcelona, so we won’t have any problem to go to our rent apartment because we will easily find metro, buses and taxis around each corner.

In case we are staying in a centric apartment in El Born or Las Ramblas, we could go there even walking!


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How to arrive at an apartment for rent in Barcelona
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